Saturday, November 9, 2013

Kwebang Lampas

It was a birthday celebration of our three friends and they have decided to spend it in a beach in Pagbilao, Quezon. I might not be of help on how to get there because we had our van with us and all I did was sleep as we started to travel I think that was midnight. 


I woke up and it was time for breakfast at the town nearby. 
We bought our food and drinks at the town market.

Fresh shrimps.


While waiting, I noticed this trolley passing by in front of us bringing people and things from one end to another. I hopped on it and tried it. Sweet guy. Did not let me pay for his service to satisfy my curiosity and ignorance.


From town, I think it took us roughly around half an hour to get to where we should be getting our boat ride.
We passed by a highway, curved roads and rough roads.
We entered the Pagbilao Power Plant.


This is where we parked our vans.

This is a private property.
It says that you should not be getting shells here.
I don't know what "hibasan" means. Anyone?

Photo shoot while waiting for our boats.

kwebang lampas

Then I got tired and decided a power nap while everyone was busy doing their own thing.

The first boats were the women, our things and one man. Why just one man?

So someone can help us bring down the things from the boat. hehehe

It was around 5 minutes boat ride.
It was that short. 
See the other end??? That's where we came from.


We waited for the men. 


It required a short distance of trek to where we would be camping.
I was at the lead of the pack and I thought I was going the right way.
Well . . . they told me to go right (they were playin' me) 
I guess right doesn't always mean it's the right way hahaha
This picture is to remind me to go to the left.

kwebang lampas

Weather has been crazy so the trail was very muddy.
Since we were going to the beach, we did not bring our trek shoes. I walked bare foot. 

The rocks were very slippery.

ann d explorer

We would have been faster if it wasn't muddy.
When you see this signage . . .  obviously you're there.
Kwebang Lampas, Kuebang Lampas or Cuevang Lampas???
Who knew what the right spelling is . . .  as long as you can pronounce it. hehehe

Reminders or ELSE!!!!

We saw some tents pitched but we were a big group so we occupied most of the space.

My cheap and almost reliable tent.
My neighbors.

kuebang lampas


We arrived early so beach bumming, we did. 
Bring your hammock with you.
They call this beach Puting Buhangin and I have a great view of the Kwebang Lampas from where I was lying.

kwebang lampas

The sun wasn't that hot so we enjoyed the sand.
Not hot??? But I have a big fan with me hahaha

The ladies were still hiding from the sun so I was with the men.

puting buhangin

Nice weather when we got there. Blue skies. Blue waters.

ann d explorer

I don't normally take part of the photo shoots of my model friends because I am not a model hahaha
Sir Naz pulled me up from the sand and did where he's good at!
Behind me is the Kwebang Lampas!

kwebang lampas

Only Sir Naz can make me do this hahaha
(Thank you Sir Naz)

kwebang lampas

Kwebang Lampas

ann d explorer

We explored the place and had some cam whoring.
We don't know why . . . but water gets warm when you reach the mouth and inside the cave.
Don't mind the guy behind me. He has his own world hahaha

kwebang lampas

We climbed a few rocks up for a different view.

ann d explorer

Concept: Look up. Guess who won?

The cave is not big.
It's just water from the cove going through the cave and out on the sea. Or vise versa. 
That's why it's called Kwebang Lampas.
I just can't understand why the water is warm in that area.
This photo is going towards the sea. 
Be careful here because the current can get strong and can carry and throw you inside the cave with rocks that can hurt you. Even without the current, still be careful. The rocks are sharp.   

ann d explorer

The place is nice for photo shoots.
We're just models here hahaha Proving nothing.

kwebang lampas

Back at the beach . . .  our cam whoring continues.

kwebang lampas


ann d explorer

I love posting failed jump shots!!!

kwebang lampas

What else can you do here?
You know my weakness on trees and anything that I can climb on.

This was a failure though. 
The gap was way too far and I am just not that flexible. I need practise. 

We had a retro night.
Thank you Sir Andrew for our costumes.

The Retro group and one office worker hahaha

Our last meal, it was decided to have it the BOODLE way.

boodle feast

It's a cool idea. Just right at the beach.
Eating with our hands.
(And oh . . .  it was easier to clean up after)

The last few standing.

The doggies had their own boodle feast too.

ann d explorer

A day and a half of stay at Puting Buhangin beach, we set home.
Again . . .  passing by the same muddy trail.

kwebang lampas

Good bye! It was a nice experience!

Additional notes on this place:
No electricity.
No water source for drinking.
Fresh water for bathing is expensive. 50 pesos which is good for two pails of water (as of Aug 2013)
There's one store and everything is expensive since it is very far from town. 
You can rent cottages.

Credits on some photos: to everyone who had their cameras.



yun oh! hibasan yata means parang collect not sure pero yung word na mangoha is bisaya word means kumuha

nainis lang ako jan lhat ng galaw may bayad hehehe lalo na ang CR... astig yung trolley trip ko yan yan kaya gusto masubukansa quezon, ayaw ko yung nasa manila kakatakot

super laugh ako sa "mangoha" mo hahahahha

hmmm....hinde kame siningil sa CR. when we took a bath lang for the water. ang saya ng trolley. sana nga mas malayo pa narating ko hahahah

yun tamang Bicol na hahahaha stick na siguro legs ni kuya nun no or take turns kame.

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