Tuesday, November 26, 2013

D'Project 3:SAGADA

Who knew I would have a third project? 
It started with a simple conversation among Sagada locals when I was there on my nth time trip to one of my favorite places in the Philippines. 
Kuya Oscar Magwilang, owner of the lodge we are fond of staying at, became the channel to the schools we shared our blessings.

October of 2013, we invited people on a Sagada tour with one day allotted for the D'Project event.

This photo was taken at the common area right beside Kanip-aw Lodge, where my Chatroll buddies helped me repack the blessings we were going to give. 

ann d explorer

A company donated "anti-lice shampoo"

Used books.

Lunch boxes.

Pencils, sharpeners and erasers.

We had been trekking for two days and we did an extreme activity then had to go back to the lodge to repack.

ann d explorer

Our event shirt.

We started early in the morning. 

ann d explorer

We went to the first school which was a bit far from the town. 
Though it was a fun top load ride.

We brought 34 gift bags to 34 kids.

34 umbrellas too.
At first, we were going for rain coats but umbrellas are more practical 
because it can also be used on a sunny day.

The kids rushed inside the classroom when they saw us.
First school . . .  PAYAG-EW Elementary School.

Talking to the kids.
Though I'm not really sure they understood me. 
Language barrier.

ann d explorer

They were so behaved.
I loved it when they gave me a warm hello.

ann d explorer

With one of the students.

ann d explorer

Each volunteer gave out the gifts to each student
 including my favorite guide, Kuya Sotero.

ann d explorer

Group photo inside the classroom.

The kids with their gifts.

ann d explorer

Happy kids!

With the moms.

Photo ops with the tarpaulin.

They fed us with coffee and sweet bananas.

We did not know why this kid was crying.
We did not have any extra gift bag. We tried to give him a banana, cellphone, camera and even money.

ann d explorer

He ignored us. He was just being a kid. I think he wanted toys and candies.
Lessons learned. Next time . . .  bring extra treats.

Last group photo outside the school.

Off to our second school!


Our second school was TACCONG Elementary School.
Our jump off was at Suyo . . . the same place where you can start your trek going to Pongas Falls.

We had to trek to reach to this school.

That's Kuya O.
He was leading the way but had to wait for us because everyone was busy taking photos of the place.

We passed by the fields. 
It was paved so the walk was easy.

Though there was an ascending part but it was just a few meters.

We were greeted by these 15 students.

The school teacher giving her thanks to D'Project volunteers and sponsors.

with the kids.

She made sure she would be the center of attraction.
She was all dressed up.

With the School teacher.

Group photo.
The kid in front made us laugh. He was mischievous. He would run in the middle every time we had our photos taken.

A different background.

Going back.
Our little one, Zid got tired so Kuya Sotero carried him.

Beautiful view.
We took our time while we headed back.

We headed back to the lodge to have lunch.
I had the guides cook their specialty . . .  Pinikpikan with etag.
Thank you to Rocco and Fred for preparing this for us.

After lunch, back to the top of the jeepney and headed 
to our next school, BALUGAN Elementary School.

Balugan's principal, talking to the students as she introduced us.

with the Barangay Captain, John Polon who gave us bananas!

A beautiful song presentation.

I did not understand the first song because it was sung using their dialect and it brought me to tears.
It was beautifully sang.

d project

Look at those beautiful smiles.

d project

Giving out the bags.
Richard, one of the sponsors, with all smiles.

ann d explorer

Happy and excited kids.

Look at this kid's happiness.

We brought gifts for 134 kids and there were a few more who came. 
Good thing we had extras.

Photo ops with the kids.

With the parents, teachers, barangay officials and some of the kid of Balugan.


D'Project with EOC.

With the local people who helped us made this project even more successful.
They did this without anything in return.

Our treats after the program.

Yummy Carrot and Banana cakes.
Mountain tea.

After the event, we went back to get our things at the lodge and headed home . . . 

I and the Sagada kids say
to the sponsors and everyone who became part of this.

Edzhel H. and family
Frank T.
Fritz, Anna & Elijah A.
Geraldine T.
Jhun A.
Jun-Jun (lakwatserongopisworker.blogspot.com)
Lowell T.
Maricel A. (Nailicious)
Nadamay Outdoor
Neri P.
Raquel N.
Rhea D.
Richard S.
Rolf K. (Maxi Atletika Herbal Soap)
Romeo L.
Ron H.
Siony R.
Weddy M.
Yek Lai Fatt

For more of D'PROJECT, click here.

*** photo credits to everyone who shared their photos :)



congrats sa inyong grupo.... goodjob

Ayun ako oh, tara gawin na yung D'project season 4 and 5 :D

May Season 4 and 5 na. excited. thank you for being part of it.

unforgettable experienced...good job Ann :)

thank you for being a part of this Ma'm Weddy.

hello there... sana pwedeng sumama pag me next time :)
i love sagad! i love kids! and i love bananas! :D

Ma'am Joanne, pwedeng pwede po sumama. Ang dami ko na po nakasama sa mga readers ng blog ko po :) We love bananas!

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