Friday, November 1, 2013

Bomod-ok Falls

Our first visit to Sagada,  we went to the Small falls (Bokong Falls)
It took me on my fourth visit before I decided to see Bomod-ok Falls or also known as the Big Falls (which translates to their dialect). Maybe because I've been reading a lot of negative comments about the guides in this barangay but then I wouldn't want to miss one of the beauties that Sagada is bragging about. 

There are two ways to go to Northern Sagada where the falls is. One is to rent a van/jeepney but a little pricey or jump on a public jeepney that would cost PhP20 only per person. Though be sure to ask the trip schedules. 

Since we were on a budget, we hopped on a jeepney and of course . . . top load is the best place for me to enjoy the beauty of Sagada. Though not always the most comfortable seat but the best view;P

After 20 minutes of ride, we arrived at the Tourist Information Office.

ann d explorer

Register first! For only PhP10.
(I don't look too happy here huh?)

This is where we also got our guide, Ate Amy. 
For PhP500, we got her guiding service for the whole tour.

We started with the briefing.

A lot of steps going down.
Which made us think . . .   if we entered the place with these steps . . . will we exit the same way?

That's Barangay Fidelisan.
We passed by this barangay.

ann d explorer

Oldest house ( I forget . . .  I think)

There is a store in the village.
Buy the food/drinks you need as you won't see anymore stores on the way.

There's this small room where men meet to discuss matters.
Only men can go inside this room.

You will see  a few houses on the way with kids selling "ice candy"

Breath taking views.


Paved trail.

Stream crossing.

When you see this bridge, do not get confuse. 
To go to the falls, do not take the bridge. There is a different trail.

First sight of the falls.

It is around 200 meters.
Beautiful!!! Breath taking!!!

ann d explorer

There were so many people when we got there.
(find me...find me)

ann d explorer

You can feel the waters from afar.

ann d explorer

I went to this part near the falls where it was really slippery and freezing.


The rocks are slippery so you really have to be very careful.
No other way to get near the falls but through these rocks.


Then we reached the perfect spot for our pictorials hehehe

ann d explorer

Cam whoring.

ann d explorer

Group shot!

ann d explorer

Back shot!

ann d explorer

We were just posing. It took us quite awhile on this spot. I can just imagine how the other tourists might have felt. Hey! We traveled a long way! And the falls is just a beauty.

ann d explorer

So hard to get a solo shot.

ann d explorer

FINALLY, I got one.
Nah . . .  I just cropped them out of the picture hahaha

ann d explorer

I tried to meditate but the falls was just too near and too noisy!
And I get distracted and would rush when I hear "ANN!!! picture!!!"

ann d explorer

This part is at the side and it was freezing cold.
I crawled my way to where I was because it was very slippery.
Yeah . . .  not a place to meditate again! hahaha

ann d explorer

We took a dip on the cold waters.
Our camera was not water proof.

We had to rush back because we needed to catch the last trip for Sagada town at 1p.m.
We took another route going back . . . thank God we did not have to go through those steps again.

Instead, we had gorgeous views.

We passed by another village.
They had three ways of keeping their dead.
Hanging coffins, the public cemetery or on their land.

Ginno and I advanced a few minutes away from the rest of the group and our guide and we did not know which way. We had dogs barking and chickens clucking . . .  until we saw  a local person and pointed us to the right way.

Waterfalls? ?? Not sure. It could be a Rain fall.

Hello, Mr. Carrabao!

I love this route. Beautiful view. 

With our guide, Ate Amy. Unfortunately, even if I get her contact number and we visit the falls again, if she's not her turn on the list, we won't be able to get her service.
Guess what??? She was really nice. Even those at the registration and other guides we met. So don't worry about what you read online against the guides at Bomod-ok Falls.  


We were not able to catch the last trip but there was a van waiting and would still go to Sagada town. Along the way, we picked up two foreigner couples who wasn't able to go to the falls because they couldn't find a group they could share the guide fee. They were backpackers from Australia and France. 
We only paid PhP25 each for the ride.

Credits on some of the photos: Ginno, Weddy and Jayciel



I love Sagada. I have only been once and we went to Bokong Falls. This deserves another trip. I will need to wear a helmet. I am clumsy with slippery rocks. hehehe

Hi Kat. I can't get over Sagada. I make sure I really don't squeeze too many activities and would have more reasons to go back. I am also clumsy. But it's part of the adventure girl. Just use what I do. The Butt technique hehehehe

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