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Hinatuan is one of the municipalities of Surigao Del Sur which is in the Caraga Region in Mindanao.
"HATO" means a method of fishing in their native dialect. Fishing is the major occupation in the place. They added the suffix "-an" and so "Hinatuan" now means a place to preserve fish

I can't help you on how to get there by commuting as we diverted to just using a private SUV as we did three regions on this trip (which by the way, was exhausting. FUN but FAR he he he)
Though from our original itinerary, the Enchanted River, starting at Hinatuan town can be reached by multi-cabs or a habal-habal ( a single motorcyle that can fit 3 or sometimes 4 people . . . figure that out!)

ann d explorer

An entrance fee of 30 pesos. 
This is what will greet you at the entrance. There were some areas still under construction as Tourism department is developing the place. There are picnic tables and huts.  Just beside this area are the shower rooms.

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ann d explorer

See the photo below??? It says it all. :)

They have a schedule where they play a 10 - 15 minute instrumental music and the school of fish would just go to that area. Of course there's someone feeding the fish and it's amazing seeing different schools in one area as if they were dancing with the rhythm. They are not just the small kinds but you could see big ones too. A bit scary to go and swim with them as you do not want to disturb their snack time.

We asked the lifeguard and some locals why it was called "Enchanted River". They had their stories.
One said that they are not allowed to catch the fish in that river as they are protecting the river. It goes all the way to their old folks' stories and beliefs.
Another is, a cave beneath the waters but has not been explored fully.
Who knows??? There could be a lot more of those stories out there. 

We just swam. Though there's a boundary for swimming. 
That's me just floating around. When my friend saw that there was a snake that fell on the water, I immediately swam near the group.

I did not see anyone smoking so I guess it must be strictly implemented.

ann d explorer

These are tourist destinations you can go to.

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We decided to have lunch at Sibadan Fish Cage. 

We reached Sibadan for an amount of 100 pesos going one way.

It can only have 4 to 5 passengers.

It only takes a few minutes from the mouth of the river to reach our destination.


The local kids playing around just outside Sibadan fish cage.



No, this is not lunch. 
The locals gave these to us so we can feed the big fish in the cage.

The photo doesn't say much but check out the video below.


The video.

The same kids we saw. They're just everywhere. Swimming with the fish.


They also have rooms for rent if you decide to stay over night.
They offer aircon and fan rooms.

We had fish and a lots of these until our mouths had to say "no more"

We were very happy eating with our hands.

As we prepared to go back on the road, we had a problem.
What does the photo below say?
Oh well . . . our driver forgot the keys inside. It took us almost half an hour to get it. We had the local kids, other tourists and the police helping us out. What a way to end our experience here  ;P

 *** Credits to Gracey and Chando for some photos.



hahaha pati puilis tumulong buti di pinagkamalan na carnapper yung driver hehehe joke

Ankulet lalo na yung mga bata , ganda nito pramis sana mapuntahan ko din to in the future mga bukas na cguro agad haha

Kulapitot...kung next week makakasama pa ako sa iyo hahaha eh bukas ka na pupunta he hahahaha

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