Monday, August 5, 2013

Video blog on Batad-Sagada Trip 2012

I wanted to have a video blog but it required a lot of work.
I wanted to have a video blog of a traveler without scripts.  
Good thing, my friends Ceejay and Cielo was really really nice enough to do one for me on our first travel together. 
Below you'll watch one of my many travels to two of the places I love in the Northern Philippines.
We went to the Batad Rice Terraces, Banaue.
Saw the Tappiya Waterfalls.
Wooden scooter ride.
Chewed Momma.
The Banaue Rice Terraces at the Aguian Viewpoint and at the Viewpoint.
Crystal Cave in Sagada.
Marlboro Mountain.
Kiltepan Peak.

Hope to make more of this!
Hope you enjoy this!



If you're into taking videos more than blogging, open a YouTube channel and explore video blogging more. :)

video blogging is hard hahaha but will do some hahaha thanks.

video blogging is also good. but make sure it is also in YouTube. So, many people may see it :)

I hope I have the editing skills you have on videos. This is a nice video blog. I'm trying to incorporate videos in my blog too.

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