Friday, August 2, 2013

Surfing in Sabang, Baler

One of the attractions of Baler, Aurora is surfing.
So I went there!!!

Yes . . .  it says "Andy is in Baler" ha ha ha

I went with a very large group (48 heads) and  so we were scheduled in batches for surfing.
We were the last batch!!!!
So we chilled around Sabang Beach.

I saw these men in uniform observing the beach and immediately ran towards them.
Neat, huh?

What to do on a beach but chill . . . and loads of photos.
Photo overload before you really see the surfing part hehehe

This is our version of F5 (Meteor Garden)

We did anything to keep us entertained!

Okay . . .  you see a lot of successful jump shots all over.
Imma post that's not successful . . .  for a change.

I love these local kids. They sure know what a camera is!

I approached these locals amazed by the kind of transportation they had. How I wish I could remember what it's called. Tora Tora?

Okay . . . so after so many hours, it was our turn.
My very young instructor.

Before we hit the surf, it is a requirement to have orientations.

Then we wait for the waves . . . dum dee dum . . .

Hey! It was my first time . . . and I never had a beginner's luck EVER in my whole life.

BOOM! and we crash!

Oh there you go . . . about to fall.
Wasn't that the goal? To fall right away? I'm confused. ha ha ha

Well . . .  it wasn't just me though . . .  Look at my friends too!

The instructors playing around!

These were good shots of my friends.
You know they really need me . . .  so they would look way BETTER.

This was our first time in Baler.

But because we had a BLAST . . .  we went back after a few weeks.

This is Sir Mike of Michael Surf Shop and Surf Lesson
Contact him when you go there 09399390786

What else to see aside from the waves?
You don't see this every day.

credits to Edzel and Andrew for some of the photos



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