Saturday, August 24, 2013

Pula, Banaue

When you go to Banaue, Ifugao, one of the popular activities to do there is trekking.
The usual places are Pula-Cambulo-Batad-Bangaan.
This activity is mostly done by foreigners and just a small percentage of filipino tourists according to the guides..
Because there are so many photos, I will break down my story on each place.
Let's start with Pula.

From Banaue Poblacion (town),
I took a tricycle to go to the starting point which is at Awan-Igid.

I think it was a 30 minutes ride.
Look at the map below.

The view from Awan-Igid.

A local man was kind enough to make me a walking stick (for free)

This is what he gave me.

ha ha ha of course not!
That was too heavy and that ain't a walking stick!
Below is what he made. Now I'm ready to go.

A small stream we passed by.

This part I like.
It was like an enchanting forest.

There were white flowers in some parts of the trail.
It looked really nice.

Gorgeous view!
The Cordilleras have the most breath taking views based on my experience.

Good thing it wasn't raining or it will be a bit scary to walk in this part of the trail.
You'll have no choice if you slip here.

I saw this little kid carrying a sack of rice grains.

I tried carrying it on my head while sitting down and it was heavy.
How much more for the kid who has to walk the same distance.

There was a message on the shed we rested at.
Guess what it meant??? he he he

The kids were getting this fruit from the tress. I forgot what it's called.
I tasted it and it was alright.
Not too much flavor in it.

Water source.

Hmmm . . .  a carver got naughty!
I had to hold on to it so I won't slip ;P

Landslide area.
You'll see a lot of this in the Cordilleras.

Another beautiful view.
That's Pula.
I'll be reaching the cluster below first and then go up to the other cluster.
If you can see the Blue house....that's my point of destination.
The only lodge in Pula and the only blue house.

If I remember it right, this is Norinda.
This is how the kids carry bags . . . using their heads.

Another shed.
When you see this, you are near Pula and you can view the village.
I remember, the locals thought I am a reporter from GMA or TV5.

View from the shed.

It's an up and down trail.

There are two paths going to the village and one path is where I was able to pass by the waterfalls.

Crystal clean water.

A waterfalls that does not have a name. he he he

It was so nice to be there.
I wanted to swim but I worried about carrying wet clothes and it was near to dark.

A few more steps . . .

Rice fields.

A cute local kid.

And more kids!

Traditional houses.

Behind me was the first cluster we passed by.
As mentioned earlier, the cluster I have to go to was the upper cluster.
It wasn't that far but I was already exhausted from the long trek and had to do more ascends.

I saw Pitcher plants.

Finally, I reached my destination.
I did the trek for 6 hours because I had a lot of rest and mingling with the local kids.
Plus the fact that the view was beautiful and I just had to stop and enjoy the beauty.

The trail was easy. One can do it without a guide that is if you are used to trekking. A lot of foreigners do it.
Though it is always safe to have a guide if you are in doubt.
From Awan-Igid, a local can trek it in 2 hours;
a foreigner in 3 - 4 hours and a filipino can trek it to 4 - 5 hours.

Below are photos with the locals.

I played shoots.

I saw a granny playing too.
Never underestimate the women and the kids here. They are physically trained.
Mapigsa (it means "strong" in their dialect), they are.

A mother with twins.
They carry their children this way.
They, at times, do this while they work in the fields or any kind of work.

Bonding with more kids.



Ang layo ng trek... but nice discoveries. Ganun ata talaga sa Cordilleras. I particularly like the enchanted forest photo - parang nasa isang movie trailer poster lang

Thanks Kittykat. You should visit! :)

Hi Ian. Yes, the place is soooo ganda. More if it's seen with your own eyes. :)

Hi Mam, seems you really have fun there. My husband and I are planning to go there next year vacation :) We're planning to visit Mt. Pulag but as I've seen your photos mukang marami pa kaming dapat puntahan. :)

Thanks for the nice shots there :) Goverment should protect our natural resources more. Just by photos truly amazing ang pinas :)

Ma'am Irish, ang daming magagandang tanawin sa Cordilleras and I continue to explore these places.hope you and your hubby can go around din yung culture nila. hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

breathtaking. i really wish to go there someday. there are really a lot of beautiful places in the philippines. oh, and i love your humour :)

Banaue Rice Terraces is really such a scenic place but from your blog, I also saw that the places nearby and the road going there is scenic as well.

Thanks franc. I love the cordilleras. even if you're not into need not go far to see scenic places. you can see them on the road along the way.

Amazing view.such a beauty of nature.

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