Monday, July 1, 2013

Tiktikan Lake

The sound of the name "Tiktikan" did not seem enticing at all when I first heard it.
Though, don't judge the lake by its name!

Located in Bucas Grande Island, Socorro, Surigao Del Norte . . . you will be surprised at what you can discover here. Tiktikan Lake is one of  the wonders.

This is a private property. 
You have to register for the price of 10 pesos only.

A little hike going up and down to the in-land lake.

Nice carved chairs.

The lake is sooo green and clean.

There are boats which you can paddle around the lake.

The place is so peaceful and relaxing.

I saw this tree bent to the lake.
I have this thing in climbing trees hee hee. 
An enchanting place worth seeing.

***credits to Chando on some of the photos



ang ganda naman jan kailan ka pumunta summer ba yan noon?

wow buwis buhay ang last photo. we never get to explore this lake when we were there. or di ko lang alam na yan yun. hihi

Manong Unyol - this wasn't summer. may nagbabadyang ITCZ nun when we were here butit was still beautiful.

blissfulguro - mababaw lang naman babagsakan ko if ever hahaha yun yata yung mas delikado hahahaha

ang ganda ng picture sa puno na naka bend sa lake :)

Hola, estoy por aquĆ­ de nuevo, viendo actualizaciones. Excelente post, felicitaciones.
Un gran saludo desde:

Do you why it was called Tiktikan lake?

Hi Pondering Paodaolei. Thanks for visiting. Actually, no I did not ask. I just assumed it was the name of the place. :)

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