Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lantau Island

When I first heard that we were to stay in a different island
 instead of the city of Hong Kong. . .
Hmmmm . . .  I had second thoughts as it is far from the metro.
Though I thought wrong as, besides from seeing The Big Buddha, Ngong Ping 360, Disneyland and other tourist destinations, it's a beautiful country side.

One of the transportation to go to HK island is through ferry.
This is the slow one but cheaper.

This is the fast one but a little pricey than the regular fare.

The port is from Mui Wo (Lantau) to Central (HK)

Lots of filipinos too in this other side of the country.
Filipinos are just everywhere.

Our host waiting for us at the bus stop. The nicest host.

This is where we stayed for 4 nights.

Pui O Public School behind me.

According to our host, she is the nicest and keeps the area really clean.
She's done a good job I'd say!

So many water buffaloes. I have never seen them so many in one place.

Just nearby, a few meters away is the public beach
where you can do team building, camp, etc.

I saw a group of youths training.

I love the country side of Hongkong. So clean and peaceful!

We took Nikki, the daschund for a walk who takes regular visit at this beach.

lantau island

Just beautiful. Creamy powdery sand!




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