Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lantau Island

When I first heard that we were to stay in a different island
 instead of the city of Hong Kong. . .
Hmmmm . . .  I had second thoughts as it is far from the metro.
Though I thought wrong as, besides from seeing The Big Buddha, Ngong Ping 360, Disneyland and other tourist destinations, it's a beautiful country side.

One of the transportation to go to HK island is through ferry.
This is the slow one but cheaper.

This is the fast one but a little pricey than the regular fare.

The port is from Mui Wo (Lantau) to Central (HK)

Lots of filipinos too in this other side of the country.
Filipinos are just everywhere.

Our host waiting for us at the bus stop. The nicest host.

This is where we stayed for 4 nights.

Pui O Public School behind me.

According to our host, she is the nicest and keeps the area really clean.
She's done a good job I'd say!

So many water buffaloes. I have never seen them so many in one place.

Just nearby, a few meters away is the public beach
where you can do team building, camp, etc.

I saw a group of youths training.

I love the country side of Hongkong. So clean and peaceful!

We took Nikki, the daschund for a walk who takes regular visit at this beach.

lantau island

Just beautiful. Creamy powdery sand!


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Blue Soil Hill

Last year sometime October, we wanted to see Blue Soil Hill or Kaman-Utek Hill but we did not see it because it wasn't blue. The guides said that it should rain the night before for it to be blueish the next day.

When we visited again in May, it was consistent for the past weeks that it rained in the afternoon and evening.

We were going directly to the Blue Soil trail as there are different trails going there.
We rented a jeepney as it was a bit far from the other tourist destinations.

So what am I doing here?

The best way I think is to do TOP LOAD when you're in Sagada. Though not always. It really depends on your body condition if you're tired or not. It's not the most comfortable position but darn you'll enjoy the beauty of the place. I was not able to time our trip because our eyes were just busy and happy with what we saw up there.

Start of the trek.

The start was a few meters of ascend.

We got two SaGGAs guides.
Kuya Sebastian (photo) and of course my favorite and trusted guide, Kuya Sotero.

Smile check: still good.
Meaning, we haven't gone that far yet when we had this photo he he he

Kuya Bastian getting some wild mushrooms.

The trail we took was not the usual trail.
Yes, we had quite of an adventure and I'd say it was fun.

Most of my companions complained about the route we took but I'd say this is part of the outdoor adventure. We had to do back trails several times but I did not worry because I kinda dig the part where we took a different trail.

A bit difficult in some areas because it was muddy and slippery.

Local wood cutters . . . I made that up. I don't know what they're called.

Our guide gave us hope that we were near.

I guess never trust a local when they say "near". It was a bit far from where he had said that. he he he

And then we saw it!


It was just a small portion as I was expecting it to be everywhere buy hey . . . we trekked for an hour and this was our reward.
We ran like kids toward it.





It's not as comfortable as you think it is. This was just for photo sake. It's not snow!!!
Imagine . . . lying down on tiny stones.


Blue . . .  they are!


You just got to go up the hill.



Explore . . . explore

Mountain crab!


As predicted by the guides, it rained so we did not stay long. 
We had a different trail and this time it was easier.

In a few minutes, we saw our rented jeepney with Kuya George waiting to take us to our next destination.

So why is the soil blue?
Visit the Blue Soil Hill and find out from the guides!!!


Saturday, July 13, 2013