Saturday, June 1, 2013

Echo Valley

When you go to Sagada, this is one place you should not miss on your first visit.
Going to Echo valley is easy. You can even go there without a guide. You would see kids offering tourists to show the way. Though if it's your first time, I suggest you still get a certified guide.

The pathway is easy from St. Mary's church.

Yes, it looks creepy to some as you would pass by their cemetery. 
Nowadays, their dead is buried here.

I found this interesting. 

After the cemetery, the way will lead you to Echo Valley.
This signage made us laugh. Though we were not able to see where this was.
Is there really one???

Every one shouts . . . outs . . . outs . . . at this place . . . ace . . . ace . . . 
Though they kept telling me to shout "pancit canton" and to tell you the truth . . . I really don't know why.
They would just laugh when I ask why. 
Would someone explain please? 

It looks like there isn't a path but there really is.

If you're from the Metro, you would just enjoy the view here.
 I did.

Then from above, you'll see the hanging coffins.

The path isn't too hard when the ground is not wet from the rain.

Why are there chairs?
Are those vandalism?

Are they Catholics?
Why is there a cross on top of the coffin?

How are they being brought up there?

In the first place, why are they hanging?
That's the reason why you need a certified guide with you.
It would be nice to hear about the history and the culture straight from a local's mouth.
Don't just go there for photo sake. 

At first, I did not know if I was going to smile. I got approval from my guide that it's okay to smile.
Hey! I did not want to step on their culture or disrespect their dead.



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