Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tenogtog Falls

Our first exploration in Mayoyao, Ifugao.
This is the start point of our hike to Tenogtog Falls.
Tenogtog Falls is 5km from town.

We met this guy who was resting from carrying this long and heavy wood.
Strong, he is.

It looks like a jungle out here but it was safe.

Trail is very easy since we explored this without any guide.

The hike from the start point was 20 minutes . . . regular pacing.
Once you see this shed, you're there.

Tenogtog falls has 3 mini pools. I only explored this.
Look at what's beneath me . . .

The water was freezing. So we had our water bottle dipped in the water so it would be cold.

My tummy's companion everywhere especially when travelling.

These are falls on top of the one I was at. We did not have any locals with us so we weren't sure how to get to the other mini pools. It was pretty high and trails weren't that visible.

Top view.

The sun was hot but the water and the air was refreshing so I just laid down to enjoy the moment.
Can you see me?

I am thinking if I want to dip in the water. It really looks tempting.

I decided to go in the crystal clear water. 
But I tell yah . . . it was freezing cold that I felt half of my body turned numb from the temperature.

Explored Tenogtog Falls!

A nice and simple place to hang out.



The catch basin looks soooo inviting! Kaso afraid kung maginaw. Haha. Haven't been to Mayoyao and definitely tossing this into the bucket list.

It's a nice laid back place. You'll just get numb girl once you're in the water :)

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