Sunday, May 5, 2013

Kiangan: Shrine and Museum

Kiangan is the oldest Ifugao province.
It has been believed that it was the dwelling place of their Ifugao mythological ancestors, Bugan and Wigan.
It was the former capital of Ifugao.

We went to the Kiangan War Memorial Shrine. 
(entrance . . . and exit also hehehe)

as of February 2013

Kiangan is known for General Tomoyuki Yamashita's surrender 
to the Philippines-American forces.

The tagalog version. 
It also speaks of how our former President Ferdinand E. Marcos played a big part on this.

Behind me is the Kiangan War Memorial Shrine built in 1974 to commemorate the end of the World War II and the last battles of the war in the Philippines.

Hmmmm.... what could this be?

The flagpole hehehe

The history in wood carvings.

A funny signage as we enter the giant concrete structure.

On the way to the roof top.

Shot from below.

Panoramic view from the top of the shrine.

Can you see me?

I love the different flowers and plants around. Well maintained by the gardeners.
I picked the flower on my ear on the ground *:)

It's so clean and we were the only people here *:)
Walking towards the museum.

Being a monkey again . . . I like climbing trees.

I forgot what this is called . . . the one I'm sitting at.

It's meant for lying down. Though, this is not the most comfortable bed.

Other side is the Ifugao Museum.


The museum was very interesting. So much history in it. But no cameras allowed.
Rate as of Feb 2013. 

The huge field!



I love musuems. I wish I could visit this one soon. :-)

chemistandproud - you should. they are rich in culture :)

Will have to see it nice!

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