Wednesday, May 1, 2013

D'Project 2: Pula-Cambulo

After my first project in Cambulo, I wanted to do more.
Teacher Gemma, the daughter of my generous host in Cambulo and a teacher in Pula (another village in Banaue) told me a very touching story.

The kids in Pula would bring their food in a plastic bag, eat from the plastic bag and then wash the plastic bag so they can use it the next day.

I knew right away that I needed to do something. I knocked at the hearts of friends who immediately without any doubt or questions, said yes. I was surprised how many responded and I even had to say no already to the others because I was able to meet my goal.

Behind me is our map.
Awan-Igid - Pula - Cambulo

From Banaue town, a 10 minute tricycle ride to Awan-Igid which is the start point of our trek to Pula

The parents and the kids who greeted us in Awan-Igid.

The kids were the ones to carry the donations to Pula.

The trail.

Landslide area.

This is Norinda, one of the local kids who helped bring the donations.
They use their heads to carry their bags :)

For Locals, it will take 3 to 4 hours of trek.
For Foreigners, it will be around 4 - 5 hours.
For Filipinos, it will take more than that.
We did it 7 hours because it was leisurely walking, a lot of photo shoots, talked with locals, went to the mini water falls, dipped in the crystal clear pool, a lot of break time and chatting.


When we arrived at the village, I gave out candies to the kids.

The School!

Pula Elementary School

They only have until elementary here.
The kids would have to go to another village for high school.

Pula Elementary School

The names of the Donors behind me and the donations beside me.

It was suppose to be lunch boxes and water bottles only but we had so many donations that we were able to get medicines, basketball, volleyball, ball pump and rain coats. I even donated my dad's nebulizer.

A short program.

I joined the public local dance.

We joined the kids dancing "The River of Babylon"

I taught them the Gangnam dance

I may look like a running candidate for politics here hee hee

I love the smiles on every kid's faces.

It is so cute how they carry their bag.

Teacher Gemma teaching the kids how to use the water bottle.

The kids making a "thank you" card for the Donors.

Basketball and Volleyball.

I had to shoot the ball first.
(of course, I got it in a couple of tries hehehe)

Bonding time with the kids!

Learning how to play the gongs!

The Pula teachers and the students!

From Pula, we trekked to Cambulo which took us around 3 hours.

We gave a Nebulizer, masks and medicine to the village's mid-wife.

30 rain coats for the kinder gardens.

How cute !!!

Thank you to the Donors:
Aspire IT
Ms. Niza S.
Marlene B.
Melay and Evi Z.
Jayvee and Alex
Endoy and Eci
Kris M.
Grace C.
Ly Re
My dad

I hope to see everyone again for our D'Project 3!

The "Thank You" song

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