Saturday, April 20, 2013

South Cotabato

Our destination

This jump shot photo was the last photo we had to wrap up our Lake Sebu experience.

It was a challenge to have that shot because vehicles would pass by and all we wanted was to have that one photo on the Arch :)
One jump . . . then move to the side . . .
then we repeated it until we got tired and really hot.

South Cotabato

We have been planning to go to South Cotabato for months and finally it happened. We've been hearing a  lot about the zip line that passes by from one falls to another.

seven falls and zipline

They say that Mindanao is not a tourist friendly place. Yeah . . .  there have been incidents in the past but it did not stop us from going. Though we were extra careful in such a way we wouldn't be stepping on anyone especially their culture.

Glad to see this signage with the hope that they are law-abiding citizens.

(as of 2012)

Our first option. Only two of my buds went for this. I would have if we had time.

Gracey went for the steps since she was ready with her shoes!

This is one of the seven falls.

I did not get to see this but my Nigel was with them. It looks nice.

The rest went for the zip line which was the objective of going to Lake Sebu.

Their rates which wasn't bad at all.
(as of 2012)

They were my first buds whom I did my first zip line in Bukidnon and I'm glad to have done most of my zip line experiences with them.

There were three lines and this was the first which I liked most. The longest and you get to see the falls though I was slightly disappointed. I was expecting to really be near the falls. You just get to see them from afar.

A local mom with her child going home. They asked if they could zip their way home which they normally do since the zip lines became available. This is better than trekking a long way. Brave kid!

The view was nice but not as we hoped it was.

We did not count have many falls we saw but that one back there is one that we passed by in the zip line. 

I had an issue with one of the staff here on my first flight. He pushed me right away when I wasn't ready yet. I was still fixing my camera and that spoiled everything especially my mood. These two staff was nice enough  to have me repeat everything for free. The second time was okay but I still had that spoiled moment and irritated by that staff. Two nice local men.

They have names for each falls but since we did not have a guide with us . . .  it will remain as "one of the seven waterfalls" hehehe

Not sure why it's partly brown.

My Sports Unlimited shot.

For lunch, we met to the lake . . . there are a number of restaurants who sells live tilapia fresh from the lake.

There's Gab . . . on emo mode.

south cotabato

While we wait for lunch to be cooked, guess what I did here?

Our swim wears were wet and it was a hot day. So I had our suits laid on top of our SUV to dry so it won't smell inside the plastic bag,

Tilapia skin chicharon.
A- must try. A little pricey. I think this cost 200 pesos per order.

Sinigang na Tilapia!

It was a long travel from Davao to South Cotabato. It was hot. The experience was okay. I'm glad I was able to explore this place. 
Here's me . . . tired, sleepy, hot . . . but with a smile still. 

*credits to Chando for some photos here

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ifugao Immersion Part 2: The food

Part of my immersion or even my love for exploration is to try on food.
What made it more exciting was when I did this in the country side.
Expect this blog post to be updated always as I explore more of the Ifugao culture.

This is one of the many kinds of native rice - the red rice.
It is very healthy because it's organic.
I value eating every piece of this. If you want to know the reason, click here.

red rice

In the local dialect (it varies in different towns), they call this vah-vah.
Guess what it is? 

Yup. It's a frog.

The first photo shows that it was freshly caught from the  stream.
Second photo - all cleaned up from the inside and out.
The small fish is called gajiw.
We deep fried these. It was our breakfast. Thanks to the locals who got this for us.

eating frogs

Seriously . . . the vegetables have different taste compared to the metro.
All of them are organic. 
You can taste the sweetness and you know that it was just freshly picked from their backyard.

What is? *:)


It's a carabao (water buffalo) meat.
Cooked in soup with beans.
Nasty smell.
I did not like it but the locals loved it.

water buffalo

This is something familiar in the metro but just did not have the guts to eat it as it looks weird and dirty when sold on the city streets.

In Banaue, I ate my first one day old chick.
Hmmmm . . . it was good tasting it. That's it.

This should not be eaten when you're starving he he he

Snails . . . shells . . . clams . . .
We were so hungry from the trek that I wanted to eat the shells as my tummy did not have any patience. 
Good thing they helped me open it.

Pinikpikan is the most popular traditional food they have in Ifugao. All the times I went to Ifugao, they had this everywhere.
In Banaue, they call it Inlagim. They have a different way of butchering the chicken or duck compared to neighboring places like the Mountain Province. 
In Ifugao, they say they do it "killing me softly" style.

The first step is to buy a LIVE chicken.
They say the native chickens are better than this one.

I couldn't look at it the first time but hey . . . they are doing this in every house here.

They do it through the neck and squeeze the blood from it. They put vinegar on the bowl first so the blood won't clot. Every part of the chicken is being eaten except the feathers.


Here's the duck pinikpikan / inlagim. See how the drake looks at me . . . as if I was the reason why he's there.
 For them to get the feathers, they burnt it so it would be easier.
Then they take out the intestines.

This is the duck inlagim / pinikpikan. It's a lot tastier than the chicken. Though they have different taste. I still can't have my taste buds to identify. It's not my favorite but yeah I eat it. It's good when it's hot especially on a cold weather the Ifugao has.


One of the nicest meals I had. 
Here we had Duck Inlagim and another viand with a wonderful view of the terraces in Kiangan, Ifugao.