Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sagada's Marlboro Mountain

When I heard about Marlboro Mountain in Sagada, I wasn't too thrilled to go up there because I thought it was just another mountain. But I always say that I can't say I don't like something unless I tried it. And it's Sagada!!! What's not to like in Sagada?!!!

We were told that sunrise was also nice in Marlboro Mountain but since we were backpacking, we took time to cook our food at the lodge so we can bring it up there and have a picnic.

We were advised to be there early as the sun gets really hot up there.
We started a little late.
We rented a van courtesy of Kuya Oscar Magwilang for PhP800 (drop off and pick up)
SaGGAs Guide fee is PhP600 for the whole group.

This is the start of the hike. If you notice, there's a road.

The trail is very easy so anyone can do it and it's just a short hike. I think 30 minutes, you can reach the top.
It became warm, so I removed my jacket. I think that's why they said we needed to be there early. I was feeling it here.

We tasted wild strawberries on the way. They were small ones so don't expect too much from them :)

Beautiful flowers you'll see. Not a lot but a few to enjoy. I don't know what's it called.

We saw Kuya Oscar getting these. He made us taste it. It was alright.
How I wish I could remember the name.

We took a break.
Our guide said to enjoy the trees and the shade and we'll find out after our break why he said that.

We reached the top. This is the view that greeted us.
We started on the left part then we walked on the far right.

Jan already went to the other side. Can you see him?


The boys started walking to the other side. I was having second thoughts. There weren't trees to go for shades and the sun was smiling directly on us. 
But hey . . . I  can't be left alone on the other side.

Good thing I had my protection . . . the sunglasses, the cap and the jacket.

I joined Jan.
Look to the left.

Cameras everywhere.
Look to the right.

Photo shoot.

Not much to do there.
Jane, the only girl I met who sun bathes all covered up ;P
Be careful where you lie down. There are land mines there :)
There's one horse that lives here. It usually goes out in the morning.

The view was just beautiful. The sun was hot but it was windy.

Ronald and I liked being on the edge. So we went down where there's nowhere to go but fall from the cliff.

We looked very still here but this was the area where the wind was really strong which could knock us down.

Going down was a little challenge because if you slip . . . it could be an instant swimming pool slide.
Going back up for me was scarier because there was a path there that only a foot can pass and the thought of me sliding freaked me out plus there was a strong wind. So the guide had to pick me up.
He did not know we went down there. He might be scolding us inside his head.

Lunch under the sun. It was a good one. 

Going back.

At the top with a beautiful blue sky.

Leaving Marlboro Mountain.

I enjoyed this place.
Great view.
Great company.
 Hope to see the sun and the horse next time!


Credits to Jun and Jane on some photos.



i wish i can go there also..thnx for sharing miss Ann..

Of course you can go there Mharis! Let's go!

Good times, Gooooood Times......:D

kakamiss ang sagada!! di ko nammeet tong si marlboro mountain, sana next year magkita na kami :)

Ah, Sagada always beckons at me and for some reason, hindi ako matuloy-tuloy diyan :-( Hopefully, soon. I didn't know may Marlboro mountain din pala sa Sagada, I thought sa Batanes lang hehe. Like ko yung pics ng mga nakatalikod na naka-jacket ;-)

Wow na miss ko din ang trip natin sa Sagada! I wanna go back na. tara ann! :)

Jan Ashlee

Thanks Nortehanon for visiting my blog site. Visit ka na rin sa Sagada...a beautiful place

Can you post how much expenses? i min from manila to sagada. :) thanks! -- lily

Hi Lily - it really depends on how many people are going so you can share the expenses. This site can help you The bus/guide/transpo rates are all there. I can help you with your itinerary and budget. Just let me know. I can recommend you guides and places to see/visit and stay.

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