Saturday, March 2, 2013

Momma! Moma!

I got curious when I first saw this sign when I went to Banaue, Ifugao two years ago at Green View Lodge.


Then I saw a similar sign in Sagada, Mt. Province early last year.
They have a different spelling in other areas but it's the same thing.


You get penalties if you are caught spitting on the street because of the reddish stain it leaves on the street.

When you go to this part of the country especially in the Cordillera Region, don't think of vampires when you see their lips, teeth and tongues all red.

You can see all ages from a kid of 8 years old to the grannies chewing moma.
They say they take this because it makes their body warm and it has health benefits compared to a cigarette.

So let me explain to you how it works.
Betel Nut, Peppermint leaf
and a lime (from the shells of the snails found in the rice fields)

You take half of the betel nut.

For the first timers, you need to remove the external part of the nut because it can hurt the gums or cheek.

Take a small portion of the peppermint leaf.
Our guide included the lime inside the leaf but normally you take the lime as you chew on the nut and the leaf.

Listening to our guide attentively.

You have to chew it on one side.

It tasted like . . .  wood!
I can't believe I know what a wood taste like since I've never chewed on a wood.
(looking like a retard here . . . for the sake of this blog post)

Chewing it causes a lot of saliva that you can't swallow. You have to spit. My guide gave me water right away to wash it off my mouth. (by the way, I swallowed a little portion hehehe)

What's with the smile?
I wanted my mouth to be red!

Now, it's Jan's turn.

You chew it on just one side but it can be a mouthful as you want to make sure you do it the right way.

He was successful. Look at that reddish-mouth-smile.

I had to do it again and good thing I was successful this time because I did not want to do it again.
It has a weird taste. I did not enjoy it much and it did not give me any enjoyment feeling.
It's suppose to give your body warmth instead I got dizzy and felt cold.
The locals said it's the first timer effect.
Hmmm . . .  will there be a next time? I don't know hahahaha

Here's a short clip of a funny local woman who taught me how to do it.



ate ann naalala ko tuloy natawa ko ansaya lng naten nun hehe.. :D

It is called "nga-nga" in Tagalog. Our Granparent's Lolo's and Lola's used to do that as their past time. Hehehe! My Tita's plantsadora was a proof that it has health benefits. At the age of 70+, she has complete set of teeth still. That is when she was still alive :D

Good to know. That's what the locals say about it that it's good for the teeth. Funny...when Jan went home in Manila, he had teeth problems because I think he bit the nut the wrong way or something hehehehe

this is so cool. i've seen lotsa those in dangwa. maybe the vendors there are from the north :)

It could be kase the people I know also does this are from Ilocos and Tarlac which is North :)

My lolo and lola used to do that "moma" when she's still alive. Pero, ni isa man sa mga anak nila walang nag-mana.. we call it in hiligaynon(our local language) as "mama', "minama'". ' :)

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