Monday, March 18, 2013

Banaue Ethnic Village

From Banaue town, a 10 - 15 minute ride to Banaue Ethnic Village.
For an entrance fee of PhP50, you get educated and get relaxed at this place.

Okay. Enough of the introductory photos.
I guess you know by now it's the Banaue Ethnic Village ;P
One part of the place is, it shows the evolution of the Ifugao houses.

Ifugao houses

The first type:

Ifugao House

The second type:

Abong kinibat

Abong Kinibat

The third type:

Abong Guina ob

Abong Guina ob

Banaue Ethnic Village

The fourth type:

Ifugao House

They have local terms so they have labels on the side of each exhibit which was very hard to remember.

A rain coat.
This ain't my size as the Ifugao locals have small builts.

A jacket.
This was what they used before. It's not as comfortable as it looks like.
 Itchy, it was.

I've seen different types of blowers. This is the third type I've seen.

The skulls and bones of animals, jackets, rain coats etc.

At another side, there are cottages you can rent.

I met new people once again. They are from different places of Banaue and Ifugao.

We had tequila to keep us warm on the cold weather.

A man-made lake.

This was taken outside the village. It's okay to chill along the high way hehehe
With the cool and fresh air, I'll hang out anywhere here hee hee



ang sarap naman matulog sa mga ganyan na bahay.. hehehe

Yes, Sarap. Free aircon pa hehehe I stayed in a traditional house in Cambulo. :)

nakakarelaks!! parang ang sarap matulog lang matulog dyan at mamaluktot habang nakatalubong ng kumot hihi

parang ang sarap pumunta dyan ah, sama naman ako :)

masarap talagang pumunta dito hehehe ...tara na!

wow...punta ako dita sa mga darating na buwan....pwede po mag overnyt sa village?and need pa ba ng tour guide?

I think you can but not on those houses. I will inquire for you. Will be there tomorrow and for the rest of the holy week. No need for a tour guide here. You can take a jeepney or a trike to go here.

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