Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sagada's Marlboro Mountain

When I heard about Marlboro Mountain in Sagada, I wasn't too thrilled to go up there because I thought it was just another mountain. But I always say that I can't say I don't like something unless I tried it. And it's Sagada!!! What's not to like in Sagada?!!!

We were told that sunrise was also nice in Marlboro Mountain but since we were backpacking, we took time to cook our food at the lodge so we can bring it up there and have a picnic.

We were advised to be there early as the sun gets really hot up there.
We started a little late.
We rented a van courtesy of Kuya Oscar Magwilang for PhP800 (drop off and pick up)
SaGGAs Guide fee is PhP600 for the whole group.

This is the start of the hike. If you notice, there's a road.

The trail is very easy so anyone can do it and it's just a short hike. I think 30 minutes, you can reach the top.
It became warm, so I removed my jacket. I think that's why they said we needed to be there early. I was feeling it here.

We tasted wild strawberries on the way. They were small ones so don't expect too much from them :)

Beautiful flowers you'll see. Not a lot but a few to enjoy. I don't know what's it called.

We saw Kuya Oscar getting these. He made us taste it. It was alright.
How I wish I could remember the name.

We took a break.
Our guide said to enjoy the trees and the shade and we'll find out after our break why he said that.

We reached the top. This is the view that greeted us.
We started on the left part then we walked on the far right.

Jan already went to the other side. Can you see him?


The boys started walking to the other side. I was having second thoughts. There weren't trees to go for shades and the sun was smiling directly on us. 
But hey . . . I  can't be left alone on the other side.

Good thing I had my protection . . . the sunglasses, the cap and the jacket.

I joined Jan.
Look to the left.

Cameras everywhere.
Look to the right.

Photo shoot.

Not much to do there.
Jane, the only girl I met who sun bathes all covered up ;P
Be careful where you lie down. There are land mines there :)
There's one horse that lives here. It usually goes out in the morning.

The view was just beautiful. The sun was hot but it was windy.

Ronald and I liked being on the edge. So we went down where there's nowhere to go but fall from the cliff.

We looked very still here but this was the area where the wind was really strong which could knock us down.

Going down was a little challenge because if you slip . . . it could be an instant swimming pool slide.
Going back up for me was scarier because there was a path there that only a foot can pass and the thought of me sliding freaked me out plus there was a strong wind. So the guide had to pick me up.
He did not know we went down there. He might be scolding us inside his head.

Lunch under the sun. It was a good one. 

Going back.

At the top with a beautiful blue sky.

Leaving Marlboro Mountain.

I enjoyed this place.
Great view.
Great company.
 Hope to see the sun and the horse next time!


Credits to Jun and Jane on some photos.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Banaue Ethnic Village

From Banaue town, a 10 - 15 minute ride to Banaue Ethnic Village.
For an entrance fee of PhP50, you get educated and get relaxed at this place.

Okay. Enough of the introductory photos.
I guess you know by now it's the Banaue Ethnic Village ;P
One part of the place is, it shows the evolution of the Ifugao houses.

Ifugao houses

The first type:

Ifugao House

The second type:

Abong kinibat

Abong Kinibat

The third type:

Abong Guina ob

Abong Guina ob

Banaue Ethnic Village

The fourth type:

Ifugao House

They have local terms so they have labels on the side of each exhibit which was very hard to remember.

A rain coat.
This ain't my size as the Ifugao locals have small builts.

A jacket.
This was what they used before. It's not as comfortable as it looks like.
 Itchy, it was.

I've seen different types of blowers. This is the third type I've seen.

The skulls and bones of animals, jackets, rain coats etc.

At another side, there are cottages you can rent.

I met new people once again. They are from different places of Banaue and Ifugao.

We had tequila to keep us warm on the cold weather.

A man-made lake.

This was taken outside the village. It's okay to chill along the high way hehehe
With the cool and fresh air, I'll hang out anywhere here hee hee

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Part 4: Coron town, Mt. Tapyas and Maquinit Hot Spring

My most favorite part of Palawan is Coron and my exploration of this wonderful place is far from over.
You can visit my other posts of Coron on this link.

There's not really much to see around town but we did try to walk around
and explore a bit.

This is where people would point you to go to when you ask for the souvenir shop.

They said this was a good place to hang out at night.
We went there for lunch hee hee

The menu looked interesting.

So I had Bicol Express Octopus!
exotic food

Main transportation here is the tricycle.
I laughed when we took this one trike and it had this Manila signage.

On our way to Mt. Tapyas.
We were too many inside the trike so the driver made us walk because the hill was steep.

After the hill, we had steps to take.

Reached 100 steps.

200 steps!

300 is missing. I don't know why we did not have a photo on it but for sure we went through it or else we would not have reached 400!!!

500 and still smiling!


700 steps

We lost count after this. Maybe because we got so excited to see the end.
Though I think it was around 724....I think.

What are these men with DSLR doing?

Of course . . .  trying to get these wonderful shots.

A photo with our guide there.
(he was always late and missing in action . . . with our experience,
I don't recommend him)

This is what we came up for.

We were so happy to see this.
We were really exhausted from the tour but this took our breath away.

One of my favorite sunsets is here in Coron.


After Mt. Tapyas, we headed to Maquinit hot spring via tricycle.

We had our dinner here.

I was too exhausted to dip again in the water after being on the sea for two whole days.

There was a moment where there was power failure but those few minutes were wonderful. We saw  millions of stars and a couple of  fireflies glowing in the still dark night.

This was our last day and it was a trip back to Busuanga airport.
It was like a Marlboro Country there with cows and hills. Just a beauty.

Who said that the chocolate hills are in Bohol? They also have it here.

Inside the airport.
See that guy sleeping behind me???

My seat mate on the plane . . . all buckled up!

I thought it was over when I said goodbye at the airport. 

My aerial view and shot!!!

I still saw the sunset up there and it was just amazing to see the view from the top!!!

some photos were taken by travel buds Carol and Chando