Saturday, February 16, 2013


I was excited to see Siargao after I've been to San Juan, La Union.
They said the waves are way better here.
Our trip route was Socorro Island - Dapa - Cloud 9 - General Luna all in one day.

From Socorro Island, we took a very early 6 a.m. ferry ride which cost us PhP100 each

Reached Dapa port in an hour. It was cloudy.

Siargao is often confused with Surigao as it sounds pretty much the same though it is part of Surigao Del Norte.

From Dapa Port, you can take the habal-habal which can fit two passengers comfortably (who knows how many they try to fit on there) It would cost PhP200 for the ride. 

We decided to take the tricycle which can fit 6 passengers but we made it to fit 7 passengers. I think it cost us PhP35 each. 
This is the back row. It was very uncomfortable though. 4 passengers at the back facing each other. No space to move.

Front seat.
Our friend Gab had half of his tushie on the seat because it can only fit 2 passengers.

From General Luna, it's just 3.5km to Cloud 9.

It was drizzling when we got there after a 30 minute ride  from the port so we had our second breakfast at Ocean 101 Resort (since we had our first at Socorro Island at 5a.m.) Entrance is free here. 
I always wear white shades when I go to the beach in case I became too dark to be seen on photos :)

The view deck.

The view deck was empty as they were all having breakfast at the restaurant.

It was drizzling and windy. There was an InterTropical Convergence Zone reported. 
No surfers.

So we just bummed around.

That's the restaurant. Taken at the Viewing deck. Look at the rain!

Look at the wind and the rain. tsk tsk tsk.

Surf boards parked.

Trying to amuse ourselves with what we can he he he

We got bored. So we started to walk along the shores and look at other resorts. 
We were wet from the rain.

Cloud 9, Siargao

The boardwalk where spectators would watch the surfers.

The weather was crazy. Rain turns on and off.

Shot from the Viewing Deck.

Nothing to do also at the viewing deck.

Here's a video I took. The wind was really strong that we felt the viewing deck shaking at the third level.

Then we decided to go to General Luna to swim. We took the habal-habal for PhP20 each and it was like a 10 minutes ride. 

We dare not to go far and just sat there to enjoy the water.

Good thing I had a telephoto lens and this was taken from a cottage which was a few meters away.

 We found out that the surfing competition was held in Siargao a few months ago.

 We did a day tour only and we needed to go back to Socorro Island because our accommodation there was free. When we got to the port, there was no ferry that came as trips were cancelled. We called our boatman in Socorro Island to pick us up instead which he agreed. Though they got to us at 5.30 p.m which was dark already. It was scary. It was dark, windy and the waves were strong. I fell asleep. I woke up when we were about to dock and saw startled faces. It turned out that we had a rough boat ride and everyone was praying for safety. They did not bother to wake me up so that there would be one person who is not panicking. Near death experience that I did not feel so much. I felt like it was also one way of God protecting me from fear. ( Thank you Lord for our safety here)

Well, I'd like to end this story on a brighter side. As we wait for our boat to arrive that late afternoon, we were watching these kids playing. Great swimmers they were. They never got tired of doing somersaults.

This is Andoy. 
He was too little to go in the water and he just watched his older brother have fun. I saw him shivering from the drizzles and so I called him.

With his older brother, they approached us and we gave them bread.

 with the Siargao kids.

 Andoy . . . as he flashes his sweet smile at me.

Though I wasn't amazed much on tourism here. Why?
1. We were stalked by a habal-habal driver. We know he just wanted to have work but he was giving us so much stress and we had to find ways to run from him. It was really funny how we thought of ways how to loose the guy and we were always paranoid that he would find us.
2. Another experience was when we were waiting for the ferry at Dapa Port, coast guards were not there to inform us. When we went to their office, they were in a hut with women . . . drinking.
3. We couldn't find the tourism center.

Though it was a day filled with adventure and a lot of unexpected things. I'd still want to go back and try surfing and explore the beaches.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Blue Jaz Beach Resort, Samal Island

Samal Island is one of the places that I must go to when I visit Davao.
So I grabbed the chance when we went to Davao even if it means I won't be having my city tour (which was fine as for sure I'm going to be back)

From the city, we went to Sasa Port.

Our ride. The Barge.
It's a boat that carries heavy things like cargoes and vehicles.

For humans, we only had to pay PhP10 each and we were at Samal Island in 10 minutes.

While I was walking around the barge, there was a restricted area. Though when they saw me, they invited me to the Captain's area. They said "it is not restricted for pretty woman" haha (pick up line)

After 10 minutes of the boat ride, we hopped on to a habal-habal. A motorbike that can bring four people at the most. We rented it for PhP800 the whole day from Samal Island to Talicud Island.

We went to Blue Jazz Beach Resort & Waterpark.
We only paid PhP150 for entrance as we planned to just stay for a few hours.

How cute is this huh?! :)

Souvenir shop.
In case you forgot something, I think they have it all here when you speak of swimming.

We had a cottage but we did not pay for it. I'm not sure why hehehe

This was our area.

The BlueJaz Restaurant

This is a party place at night but even at day, there was loud beach music which was nice.

The Infinity Pool.

I love infinity pools. They're overflowing with water and yet they're not deep.

It was only 5 feet deep.

The sun and the sky was just lovely.

Taken beneath the infinity pool near the beach where all the excess water go to.

Lifeguard's post.
I look like I ain't going to save a body here hehehe
I can shout for help!

The beach water was nice and clean.

I wanted to try the gigantic slide which was for free but no one was up for it and so it did not excite me anymore.
This is the Caliclic Escape for the young ones. There were guys playing but the slide did not look exciting and the water did not look inviting.

The Water sports center.

This really made me wonder . . .  the surf boarding. There weren't any waves . . . not even small ones.

Though the place has a gorgeous view.

The walkway.

No, we did not walk all throughout. Sun was smiling too hard on us.

Wish we could have stayed longer. 
Always a reason to go back :)

*some photos are courtesy of Gracey