Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tinuy-an Falls

This is by far my most favorite  waterfalls I've seen and experienced
(as of January 2013)

As part of our Mindanao trip, from Davao del Norte (approx. 208 km), we headed to 
(via private van) Bislig City, a province of Surigao del Sur.

Before I go on to the waterfalls, I have a short story to tell.
A few kilometers to our destination, we decided to have a quick breakfast.
We stopped by at this store that sold viands. Locals would just buy it and bring it to their homes. The store doesn't have a space for us to eat at.

This is Nanay.
She mans the store that her family owns. She opened her house just for us which is a few meters walk behind the store, so we can have a place to eat. For free.

Her family is just wonderful. They made us feel very welcome. And there wasn't any price attached to their hospitality.

I forgot his name but he was our host when we were at the house while Nanay looks after the store.
While his parents work on our breakfast, this little and bubbly dude entertained us.

A group photo with Nanay.

Moving on . . .
Entrance fee of PhP50 per person.
These greeted us at the entrance. There was a snake too.

They offer Durian fruits.
There was an area we passed by at the entrance where we were asked to move away because we were under the Durian trees. Not safe to be hit by those.

Tinuy-an falls is just a beauty.
Tinuy-an means "babalik-balikan" in Tagalog.
My first time to have seen a a 100m wide waterfalls.
The locals said it's around 26m in height.

It's a cascading waterfalls.
Sorry, I did not have much time to explore with my camera on the setting because we were in a hurry and it was hot.

Need I say more why I like it?

We decided to go near the falls with the local guides on a raft.
You just have to give the locals some tips as payment for the assistance.
You'll see on this photo who are excited and worried.

Look who's always ready for the camera? hee hee

They have ropes that they pull. Everyone is required to have a life vest.
Rental PhP30

Getting near the falls. It was cold and strong waters.

There! I think this was the part where they
were asking who would want to go behind the falls.

We had to take photos first.

It was hard getting a descent photo when everyone was getting wet.

I said yes to go behind the falls so the guides brought me there.
This was my shot.
Going through the waters was a bit painful as the water was really heavy on the head. When I got to the other end, it was a little challenge as it was still pouring there though not as hard. Then I noticed none of my friends were following me. I went through the falls again to convince them to join me. Good thing two of 'em said yes. We didn't stay too long. Nothing really much to do there. It was just the thrill of being behind those big falls. Really cool.

Photos with the local guides.

Group photo by the bridge.

The only brave soul to do a jump shot on a wooden bridge haha

Stolen shot. 
. . . while enjoying the beauty of Tinuy-an Falls

Don't forget to bring sun block and a water resistant camera!!!

Please wait for our video!

*** some photos borrowed from Gracey and Chando



did you climb to the second level of the falls? it is also a different experience there.

It sure looks like fun! I hope I could visit the nearby places in Davao next time.

Kat, no we were not able to. a friend mentioned that to me but totally forgot about it when we were there. Next time! :)

Beautiful waterfall! Thanks for sharing. I love reading stories about nature trips and friendly locals :D

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