Saturday, January 5, 2013

China Town Food Trip

so the photos you'll see here are not mouth watering shots and the way I describe the food is just as ordinary as I am. 

Who doesn't love chinese food?
I guess the best place to eat at is at the streets of China town. 
(well, I think every country has one so let me start in the Philippines)

You'll see me with two different groups here as I made my tummy happy.
Our goal was to hop from one place to another to taste their specialties.

Behind me is a statue of Roman Ongpin, a philanthropist. 
What's the relevance? We started our FOOD TRIP at the streets of Ongpin.

just a few steps from the Binondo church

For you to have an idea of their food and prices.

We tried the steamed and fried dumplings.
(thank you Lad for the treat)
I liked the fried one better. 

They said we should try the ESTERO food.
Estero is sort of like an alley just beside the river. 
(I know this photo does not look very hygienic with the woman blowing her nose)
You can choose to eat out here or they have aircon rooms.

Guess what we ordered?

Crispy Fried Frog legs it was!

My first comment was it tasted just like bread crumbs. 
hahaha they said I was really eating the bread crumbs and that I need to chew on the bones.
And so I did. I was good with one leg. It was okay. Maybe, I just had the picture of a whole frog in my head and that did not look very appetizing.


You won't see much of the prices here but they're pretty much the same as the others.
I took this photo because the menu was huge.

We tried the Taipao. They're huge.

Another must try here is the original mami noodles.
The soup tastes like soap. You have to put the special sauce that tastes like the siopao sauce then put some onion leeks and voila!
Here's Kim teaching us the right way to eat it. Amazed at how he had all his noodles in just a fork!

We were so full that we needed coffee or something sweet to eat.
Here, we had Baileys coffee and I think I had a toffee nut coffee. 
It was okay . . . nothing too special.

Too full to eat but this looked inviting.

The profits of this cafe goes to the fire brigade team. 
That's why their menu is themed his way.

I love the place though. It's very cozy.

They have several branches and I was able to go to two of the branches.

We ordered a lot of dimsums and dumplings and I had fun here.
My favorite chinese food!

I forgot what this was called but it didn't have anything much inside . . . I think a little meat and all I can remember was that it tasted like the lumpia wrapper.

I forgot the name also but it is like tikoy (rice cake) and pork inside.
Not my favorite.


Guisadong Misua Noodles.
Pretty yummy.
I noticed Chinese likes to put peanuts on their food.


Oyster Cake
This does not work for everyone but I liked it.
Make sure you have it with ketchup or hot sauce.

This fried dumpling is good but we ordered this next door.

I saw this on the street. Maybe next time . . . I'll give it a try.

Our table always ends up looking like this.

It was a gluttonous food trip experience on both days I went.
Don't get stuck in just one place. 
It was fun exploring the place and the food with good company! 
Try it!

*some photos are from Jan Ashlee and Mishy



Let's go back!!!! siomai in HK is really good!!!

palipasin nyo muna ng 6 months, nauumay pa ako sa chinese foods......

hahaha wait till you try the food in HongKong...sarapness!!!

The one that looks like lumpia is called cheung fan and the sticky one like tikoy is ham soi kok. :) I'm craving now because of this post. Hehehe

hahahaha's not obious you're into chinese food huh? hehehehe

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