Saturday, November 10, 2012

Stingless Jellyfish

One of the things I was excited about on our Mindanao trip was to see the 
"Stingless Jellyfish"
I've never had any traumatic experience with any jellyfish and so I'd like to have a first and nice encounter with this species. I was the only one excited to do this activity but I was able to convince the rest to do it with me. For only PhP100 per head, we paddled our way on a small boat that was good for three (3) people including the boatman. 

The water was calm and it was a peaceful boat ride with the most amazing view.
The only sound you'll hear here is the sound of the bats.




The reflection of the greens was amazing on the clear and clean water.


 We did not have a hard time finding these little dudes.  
Kuya Joseph, our boatman/guide said that you'll see more of these during summer.

Bucas Grande Island

These are small ones but there are bigger ones too. 

Bucas Grande Island

Ornate Cassiopeia is their scientific name but popularly known as Stingless Jellyfish.
They do not have threats from vertebrate because they live in close environment.
So this type of jellyfish does not need any stings to protect themselves. 

Bucas Grande Island

Bucas Grande Island

Bucas Grande Island

Bucas Grande Island

Since I was the only one who had a camera in this activity, this was the only picture I had.
That's me touching the little guys though 
Kuya Joseph said not to take them out of the water.

This was the only part of the activity that required a little effort in paddling 
because we were against the current.

My friend decided to give her boatman some rest 
and did the paddling.

We had a mini-race. Here's my friend who had a short paddle he he he
It was funny when she did the paddling.

I enjoyed this activity so much. 
I love the serenity, the view, the nature and everything about it.
It makes me want to stay here and don't want to go back to the Metro.



Great piece. Great shots. Great adventure. Keep 'em superb reads coming.

Nice.Great Views!! Ang ganda po!!!

lakas maka jelly ang jelly fish.sana makapunta din ako dyan ^_^

Abeng, hahaha funny. go ka dun summer when madami sila. you can swim with them pa.

aaww i love this place too! surreal!

I want to experience it firsthand too!

Ms Chyng, your blog post on this was one of our guides on our trip there :) Thank you so much! I love Mindanao na! It use to be a place that I I see it as a place that has so much to offer!

Arlet, you should. Way better with your own eyes

Hi Carlo. we went here around October.

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