Saturday, November 10, 2012

Stingless Jellyfish

One of the things I was excited about on our Mindanao trip was to see the 
"Stingless Jellyfish"
I've never had any traumatic experience with any jellyfish and so I'd like to have a first and nice encounter with this species. I was the only one excited to do this activity but I was able to convince the rest to do it with me. For only PhP100 per head, we paddled our way on a small boat that was good for three (3) people including the boatman. 

The water was calm and it was a peaceful boat ride with the most amazing view.
The only sound you'll hear here is the sound of the bats.




The reflection of the greens was amazing on the clear and clean water.


 We did not have a hard time finding these little dudes.  
Kuya Joseph, our boatman/guide said that you'll see more of these during summer.

Bucas Grande Island

These are small ones but there are bigger ones too. 

Bucas Grande Island

Ornate Cassiopeia is their scientific name but popularly known as Stingless Jellyfish.
They do not have threats from vertebrate because they live in close environment.
So this type of jellyfish does not need any stings to protect themselves. 

Bucas Grande Island

Bucas Grande Island

Bucas Grande Island

Bucas Grande Island

Since I was the only one who had a camera in this activity, this was the only picture I had.
That's me touching the little guys though 
Kuya Joseph said not to take them out of the water.

This was the only part of the activity that required a little effort in paddling 
because we were against the current.

My friend decided to give her boatman some rest 
and did the paddling.

We had a mini-race. Here's my friend who had a short paddle he he he
It was funny when she did the paddling.

I enjoyed this activity so much. 
I love the serenity, the view, the nature and everything about it.
It makes me want to stay here and don't want to go back to the Metro.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Kiltepan Sunrise Part 2


I hope you read my first Kiltepan Sunrise post as this entry will make more sense. 
If not, please click the link.
This was my fourth visit to hopefully catch the sea of clouds and sunrise at KilTepAn Peak in Sagada, Mountain Province. The story continues . . . 

I met up with people I have been in communication in the chatroll. We all came with different groups but I decided to meet up with them alone since my group wasn't scheduled that day and I wanted to make sure that I won't be missing any chances to see one of the reasons why I came back to Sagada. I was meeting 3 different people but 1 had to leave early so she wasn't able to make it.

This is Guest1118 and we've been friends since 
we met in the chatroll for almost a year now.  

This is Uno. 
We met up online a week before our trip and decided to do this activity together. 

It was supposed to be a group of 17 
but ended up 13 heads because some decided to stay in bed.

This is something new at Kiltepan Peak from my visit last February.
Kuya is now selling coffee, chocolate and instant noodles.

 I've tried 3 guides in the past and I wasn't lucky with them hehehe
This time it looked promising.

The sun showed up as I prayed for it to show up. Guest1118 says she was my lucky charm.
Though I forgot to pray about the sea of clouds too. 
There was a portion but it was too thin. 
The guides said that I should see clouds-sun-sea of clouds everywhere.   

It was still beautiful though.

I did not get a photo of me on the rock because there was a group who beat me to it. 
They had tripods set up so it was impossible for me to even get near. 
This was the best I had.
I was happy because I met new friends again and  another story to tell.
Did I lose hope? Na-uh . . . I was scheduled to go to the peak the following day.
(back-up plan . . . making sure!)

I made sure no one beats me again to that rock and this was how I did it . . .
1. We went camping the night before so we were the first one obviously there.
2. It was breaking dawn and I was already making myself to go down there. 
Thanks to C2, a guide who made it possible for me to reach the rock. 
I have poor eyesight. I was going down with little light. I had an hour and a half sleep
and was a bit unsure of myself to go down the cliff.

Yeah . . . so I was on the rock but nothing happened.

I was accompanied by my cliff bud down there.

We were the only ones always to enjoy the feeling of being at the edge

No sun . . . no sea of clouds.
Everyone has their ways in looking at life's disappointment.
Here's how I dealt with mine.
I got bored on the rock.
So I decided to explore this.

Super windy up there but it was fun!

You can't see his face here but I am with Jan here.
It started when he, a travel blogger commented on my first Kiltepan story.
Then small world, after a few months, he was introduced to me.

Now, we experienced Kiltepan together.

It was like chillin' at a park!

Photo shoot with Jan

Ha ha ha . . . you know me, I can never get too serious with my photos.

It took a lot of effort to get this face straight.

And back to my normal and usual pose.

I'm at the top of the world!!!!

Getting HIGH
 (natural . . . promise)

Hmmm . . .  The sun, the wind, the tree, the rock, the friends . . .
It was definitely another different Kiltepan story. 
I know I'll have MORE!!!

***Thanks Jan for the photos and Cielo/CJ and Jane for taking the rest!

I was thinking what else can I do to make another Kiltepan story in case I would not see my sun and sea of clouds again. 
I planned that we walk this time from our lodge to Kiltepan peak since all my visits were either via jeepneys or motorbikes. Plan failed because we stayed up late on the night before on our social night and just got an hour of sleep. So we rented a van c/o Kuya Oscar Magwilang of Kanip-aw Lodge.

On our way, Kuya O looked at the sky (blue hour) and said it looks like we would be lucky this time.
And so when we arrived, my sea of clouds were there. Not full . . . but I can say 3/4 of the space seen were occupied by thick clouds.

Getting luckier? Sun is coming out.

I am not the subject on this photo but you can see me behind my friends enjoying my sun and sea of clouds.

For a change, I did not go to the rock. Because the soil was wet from the rain and I did not want to slide my way down.
A different group with me this time.

With My. She was suppose to be with me on the fourth time to Kiltepan but they had to leave early. 

I met Yhanz.


Happiness I felt yet I also felt sadness.
Because there's no more looking forward to Kiltepan anymore.
My kiltepan story ends here.
Unless . . . ;P

Thanks to Weddy, Jayciel and Mylene for some photos.