Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Cebu City Tour

We did a Do-It-Your own Cebu City tour.
With the help of the internet on places to go, we explored Cebu City on our own which wasn't really that hard since it was just like going around Metro Manila. We were not able to do everything and I had to rush to do my Sky Adventure at Crown Regency Hotel.


It is located at Magallanes Street.
This is a small place where the famous Magellan's cross is found.
This is open to the public for free.

The Magellan's cross is a cross that the Portuguese left in the Philippines under the instruction of Ferdinand Magellan who introduced Christianity to the island of Cebu.

Below is a signage that says that the original cross is inside the Tindalo wood that serves to protect the original cross from people chipping parts of the cross and getting bits of the history as a souvenir since it has been around like 1521 and the belief that it has healing powers. Though a lot of people believe that the original cross has already been destroyed when Magellan died and the Spaniards brought a replica.

The story of the cross can be viewed by checking out the illustrations at the ceiling.


This is just beside the Magellan's Cross.

Christianity is big in Cebu since it was introduced by Magellan and followed by Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. You can see so much of their influences here.

I'm not a Catholic and not really a fan of statues and idols.
They were all over the place. I am freaked out by this.
  (No offense intended. Just sharing my thoughts.)

Vendors outside the church.

Life size idols freak me out. What more with so many of them.

My travel buddy Marlene I noticed is very religious and would always stop to say a little prayer in every place we go. Hmmm . . . not so sure about Chando hehehe

You would notice women with candles outside the church. They will approach you to sell the candles and they will pray for you. Which I don't favor this religious act.

I feel sorry for this old man. Business must have slowed down for him since almost everyone has a camera with them.

No need for a cab or jeepney to go to our next destination. Just a few blocks of walking.



This place is the most historically significant plaza in Cebu.


A tribute to the first Spanish Governor-General of the Philippines and the founder of the Spanish settlement of Cebu

It's a nice place to hang out though not in the middle of the afternoon with a scorching sun.

Tired of the jump-shots . . . hehehe

Just right beside Plaza Independencia.
 The smallest and oldest fort in the Philippines during tha Spanish era. It is now use as a historical park.

For an entrance fee of PhP40, there is a museum where it displays the history through paintings and some of Spanish documents, coins etc.

The fort was  built to defend the Spanish settlement in Cebu
 under the leadership of Miguel Lopez de Legaspi.

The open ground serves as a park.

Nice place for photo shoot too.
Hmmm . . . hee hee

You can see the Post Office from the fort.

The TABO-AN Market
One of the things Cebu is known for is Danggit, (a type of dried fish). They say the best ones are in Cebu and they are cheaper if you buy them here. I say . . . I don't know. I don't usually hang out in the market. hehehe
Tabo-an market is a small market with various dried sea foods. I warn you that this place has a pungent smell where you make sure the next place you go to after this is at the shower. The nasty smell sticks to your clothes and even on your skin. People would know where you've been to without seeing the plastic bag of dried foods but by just smelling you. ;P

 The ATM
Automatic Tubig Machine
I see this a lot in the Visayas area. You get a plastic bag and put water in it.

They said this was a food haven in the city. So we went here for dinner.

It is an enclosed place where it is lined up with different barbecue stands.
The minute we got in, we were surprised by the shouts of almost the staff of each stands inviting us to go to their stands. They were noisy and they were talking in the local dialect, gay lingo and tagalog all at the same time. Barbecue smoke and it was hot inside. The food wasn't that extra special. In short, I did not enjoy this place like other people did.  

This is cute. This is how they serve rice in certain areas in Cebu. It is rice inside a woven palm leaf pouch.

Baby back ribs is what everyone is suggesting that we try here in Ayala mall-Cebu. Though we did not have time, we just ordered their burger which was good. It was alright.

SM Traveller's Lounge
We left our bags here while we toured around the city.



of course, a trip to Cebu won't be complete without puso, lechon and danggit!

I don't like lechon but I still tried it when we ate at CNT....and it was deliciouuuuuuusss. sobra!

hi ann! you've covered so much ha. i'm not a catholic as well but fascinated with asian religions :)

cool sana if we travel bloggers travel together! :)

Cool pictures! Looks like you had a blast! plus casa verde is two thumbs up!

Cebu was okay. Maybe because it was just like Manila. Filled with history. I wish to explore more on the beaches. I'd like to go back to Case Verde and try those baby back ribs and another round of lechon in CNT. The best kase yun.

t'was a 'one bad trip' for me when I went here. My camera went crazy and deleted all of my photos plus I almost died in bantayan island! I still wanna go back to Cebu though. I reckon this is a gorgoeus island with a lot of cool spots for me to explore. :)

Jan Ashlee,

Tell me more about it next week!!!

wow nice blog ann! nakakatuwa ang Cebu trip mo!

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I'm excited!:D I hope the Cebu Hotel we choose are near in all the Cebu Tourist spots!:D

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