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Los Baños Private Pools

Laguna is known for the swimming pools and hot springs.
Let me share to you a recommended place that we regularly go to for the past 2 years.

Just 45km from Metro Manila, you can reach ERN'S resorts via private vehicles and public transportation. We always go there by private vehicles but here's the instruction if you will commute by bus. Hop onto a bus bound to Sta. Cruz, Laguna (Buendia LRT station and EDSA) and it will pass by Los Baños. Get down at Hillspa resort and when you see Park Merced Village, that's where you'll be going. It's like a subdivision of private pools to rent

Ern's resorts has two resorts. We use to go to Villa Ermione but the new one Villa Ernalene we liked it better as it accommodated our huge clan.

Here are their contact numbers: 09063055851 and 09175927942

This was taken during blue hour and it was very pleasing to the eyes.

There are two pools.
The Kiddie pool and the Adult pool which was around I think 5 ft. even.  You just tell the care taker how warm or hot you want the water and it'll be granted.

Again, the pool is not deep so don't try this if you're not use to doing back flips.

The water was comfortably warm even for my very cute godchild

Below, is a garage that can fit two cars. We did not park ours inside and we just left all the vehicles outside since the subdivision looked secured. That is where the kitchen is and there are two toilets.
On the left is a kubo (a nipa hut) that has an attic that you can sleep on. Good place to play cards, chat or anything you want to do.
The second floor is very spacious. There's a ping pong table and a connecting toilet to the other side of the building. The stairs is going up to the third floor where the attic is.

Very spacious second floor to play ping pong.

This is the other area of the building where we ate with a nice view.

We had a videoke machine.

Pets are welcome. Meet GOOFY.

There were two air-conditioned bedrooms below which has a dormitory style that can fit a lot of people.
It has a connecting toilet. This is the bigger room. The other room has three double-beds.

This is the attic room at the third floor.
It's a fan room but spacious and the cool fresh air up there is comfortable.

Outside the attic, is another spacious area that you can hang out with a great view.

The mountain view is relaxing.

I really like it here. Does it show?

Okay, so I took this opportunity to explore other places in the subdivision. But Villa Ernalene was my favorite and worth the money we paid for.

Villa Las Vegas. 
You won't miss this as it is near the guard house and it looks big from the outside. I did not take a photo of the pool because it didn't have any water. The rooms were okay. Though the spaces was used more on the garden and pool.

This is their garden with dinosaurs. We played with Goofy. We said we were bringing him to walk around the subdivision and feed him. Instead we fed him to the dinos and frog. :)
Goofy was very sweet and I think confused at what we were doing to him.

Agua Paraiso
The pool was nice but the rooms weren't. It looked old.

Villa Tolosa 
This place is a bit pricey.

It looks nice and classy maybe because of the color. But yeah . . . it's pricey.



Hi Ann! :) Dropping by from Girltalk. Your post is so timely. My officemates and I were looking at private pools in Laguna. I'll show them your post and hopefully, we can choose from one of these private pools. Take care! :)

I just want to ask how much you paid for the resort that you went to, because we're looking for a private pool to celebrate my birthday... :)

If I remember it right, the rates would play around 8k -16k depends if it's a day rent or overnight. The place is huge also so it depends on how many people. You also have to consider if it's peak or off-peak season. We're also regular customers here so I'm not sure if we got some discounts. hehehe Please contact them through the numbers I provided :) Advance Happy Birthday!

Hi ann d explorer :) .. The Villa Ernalene can accommodate 70-80 persons??

ann sa pansol ba ito??

how much kaya if 12hrs lang???

10-12 persons lang

not sure kase we always go there in a large group. Andito yung number. Text mo. inquire ka. bait naman sila.

Hi Ann!

I just want to know if what resort were these photos taken?

How much was its cost?

Aand lastly, how many people can be accomodated?

Thank you!

HI Anonymous. We went to Ern's resort. On the top of this blog post you will see their contact numbers.The names of the other resorts are also mentioned on the post. Rates vary depending on the season but it is very reasonable. Just enough for the place. It ca accommodate big families or big groups. The other resorts can accommodate small and big groups too. The numbers of Ern is posted on the top. Thank you

hi... are the rooms of Agua Paraiso really ugly? or they just look old pero comfortable and clean naman? what's the size of their beds? my friends and i are going there next month and i've got ongoing deal with the resort owner.. your feedback is highly appreciated.. thanks!

they look old for the price. try to look around first before closing a deal.

Hi...we are looking for resort that can accomodate 80 persons.its a family outing on july 25-26

The Ern's resort we stayed at may not fit 80 persons. But please do contact them as they may have upgraded now since I was there a few years back. that is a village filled with resorts so you got a lot of options

Hello miss ann
Me iba ka pa po bng number? D ko na po kc macontact thank you!

Hello miss ann
Me iba ka pa po bng number? D ko na po kc macontact thank you!

Hi, in villa tolosa po, magkano po nag range ang price mga month of Feb 2016 for 20pax. Thank you. Liza

HI Liza, please check their website

Hi po! May malapit po bang simbahan diyan sa resort? 😊

Hi Ms. Ann! May malapit po ba na church diyan? ��

Dee-Ann, mag jeep ka pa palabas ng subdivision.

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