Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Let's Move & Let's Love

Love is more than a hug . . . 
Love is more than a kiss . . .

You can show love in different ways and we showed it by helping out the typhoon victims in building a house for them. In our world where our nights turn into days to work and our days turn into nights to sleep, we opted after work or on our rest days to spend days volunteering to help make new homes for the homeless. We may not show these people how we care through hugging and kissing them but we built these houses out of love. More than just donating money, we have given our precious time to be under the sun to be able to finish not just a shelter but a home of new hope and a future.     

Our goal is to give these kids forget the past . . .

. . . and move them to a brighter tomorrow.

Let's Move & Let's Love




I genuinely support this advocacy. Kudos to you and your big heart.

Thank you :) We can do so much more!!!

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