Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bohol creatures

 There are so many things that I love about Bohol. Let me share some of them in this post.

The first time I went there in 2008, I was excited to see the famous Tarsier that I've only seen on T.V. Bohol is one of the few places in  the Philippines where we can see them.


I think there are several places in Bohol they could be seen and our guide took us in Dajon in Loboc

A tarsier is one of the smallest known primates and here you'll see  that it's smaller than my hand. It's either that or I just have a big hand ;P
They are nocturnal, meaning they are mostly active at night. They feed on insects and I read that the Philippine tarsier in captivity can eat shrimps or fish . They live on tree trunks or plants like bamboos. They can live up to 20 years.

As soon as we entered the place, we saw this tarsier inside the cage. They are so cute. 
You can't bring them home or make them as pets. The stuffed toys didn't do any justice of the adorable primate. I didn't buy it because it looked creepy.

I saw this man holding on to a tarsier. I approached him and for a fee, we can have photos with it. He immediately placed it on my arm and its limbs were cold. 

The man then placed it on my shoulder. Look at those eyes! So cute!

Oh look, one tarsier with small eyes (he he he)

I got excited when my travel buddies invited me to go to Bohol after 3 years. It means seeing these little guys again. Though this time, it was a different experience. Kuya Jun, our driver and guide brought us to a different place which is at the Tarsier Conservation Area. 

The only area in this place that is commercialized is the souvenir place. I did not see a man with a tarsier on his hand. Instead I saw this guy with his welcoming warm smile and gave instructions. We were not allowed to make noise as it would disturb the tarsiers. We are not allowed to touch them as this would stress them out and this could lead to suicide by bashing their heads. We cannot use flash when taking photos. 

The Philippine tarsier is a protected specie. They reproduce really slow and can only have one baby at a time . The place we went to in Loboc the first time, was a place the tarsiers were not happy at and that man who was making money stressed our little friends. I can just imagine that it might be like hell for them and that little guy may have committed suicide. Poor little friend *=(

We went to the animal park to see the phyton. 
This was the last place of our Countryside Tour and I was really exhausted. I wasn't into snakes so I stayed inside the SUV and gave my camera to my travel buds to take photos. Entrance fee is PhP20 only as it is a mini zoo.

An ostrich egg

Melay and the phyton weighing 200kg

Ostrich, Macaque monkey and Iguana

Ken loves snakes. He even has them as pets.

We also explored the creatures in the water
I was star struck on the starfish. I made a separate blog about them.


We went dolphin watching too. 
Based on my dolphin watching experiences, the dolphins here were a bit distant compared to in Bais. Maybe because the boats were smaller and the engines were noisy. Unlike in Bais, they were big boats and you can see the dolphins there swimming beside us. I think there were two types that we may have seen in Bohol. This time I was ready for any spinners who would be doing their acrobatic talents. These creatures never fail to amaze me as one did perform for us and I caught it on video. (See the video below) Though this one sort of flipped so does that mean they're called flippers? (I witnessed a spinner in Bais who surprised me right in front of me and splashed water on me. The video would show it) Some of the dolphins here in Bohol were bigger and darker compared to Bais.  

We were shrieking every time they showed up.

We were thinking of a way for the dolphins to show up (he he he) Watch how *=)

We were soooo entertained (sorry for our shrieks . . . mostly my shrieks he he he)
But worth watching *=)



bohol will be my next trip this november :0 .. laki mata ng tarsier

Don't give our little friends stress ha?! have fun!

went there in 2007. guess i need to visit it again.

dolphin watching seems interesting. :-)

dolphins are always a wonder! :)

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