Saturday, September 29, 2012

Coron Part 3

Who said my Coron experience ended on Part 2?

A day tour in two of the best islands and great views I've seen so far and one of the many reasons why I love Coron.
From the port, it took us an hour boat ride to get to Banana Island. Even if the waves were really strong and the ride was a bit scary, I was asleep the whole time. Our boat man said it was safe and so I slept peacefully though when I woke up, I was partially wet because of the sea water.

This was what greeted us as our boat docked.
Cream colored powdery sand, different shades of blue and a gorgeous view. With the smile of the sun, everything was luminous. By far . .  my favorite island.

Banana Island

It is located in Bulalacao, Coron and it got its name because it is a shape of a banana on aerial view.

ann d explorer

The view is just relaxing to look at.
banana island

What to do here?
1. Emote
ann d explorer

2. Lie on a hammock and wait for a coconut to fall hahaha
No coconut fell (thank God)
banana island

3. Jumpshot

. . . and more jumpshots.

4. Climb a coconut tree

5. Eat
We went to the market at Coron town before the tour and just had the boat men cook our food

6. Photo shoot

You can also stay overnight which will cost you PhP200 each per night. Take note that there are only cottages available and no electricity.

Our next stop was at Malcapuya Island which was just a few minutes boat ride from Banana Island
ann d explorer

It was late in the afternoon when we got here and the sun was all out smile.
With Gab and Melai.

A couple of steps going up the view deck and once again, Coron did not fail to amaze us. 
ann d explorer

I can live here and never get tired of this gorgeous place.
ann d explorer

Oh yes, there will always be a jumpshot though not too much effort on this because it was scorching hot.
ann d explorer

Our two travel buds, Gab and Melai were the only ones who went to explore the surf. The rest of us agreed that our skin had enough so we just stayed at the sand and away from the sun . . . and enjoyed our fresh buko juice for PhP50 and that Lala fish cracker on Ayoy's head hehehe

I had a photo with two French tourist hunks which I just did because of Gab and Melai. While they both were looking for the fishes in the water, I had my catch on land.


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For sure there'll be more . . . 

*some photos are courtesy of Ayoy Dilla and Robert Chando

Sunday, September 23, 2012


It was so nice to go back to HongKong again and explore more places. 

Ngong Ping was one place we visited which offered a lot of interesting things to see. It could be done in half a day but a little bit tiring as it requires a lot of walking. Though I suggest this be done on a full day to be able to visit everything and enjoy the weather, the environment away from the city, the culture, religious belief, etc. 

ngong ping
What to do in Ngong Ping.
A bit hard to read sideways . . . ;P

We decided to go and do everything on the left first 
even though I am pointing at my right :)

It did not say "no planking"

Hmmm . . .  not sure what's written there. I just decided to do a jump shot instead.

I thought it was dead . . . just a dog napping

They represent the Chinese Zodiacs.

Their business hours

The world's tallest seated outdoor bronze Buddha statue.

We saw this right away as soon as we stepped out of the bus (Mui Wo-Bus 2) 
It is 112ft tall (34m) and weighs 250 metric tons!

ann d explorer

They said it's 268 steps!!! I say . . . I lost count after 50 while panting hee hee

ann d explorer
Shot from the bottom and top

The Buddha's right hand is lifted up not because it says hi and goodbye to visitors but representing the removal of affliction. His left hand rests on his lap which is a gesture of receiving dhana (offerings , alms)
This Buddha faces North when all other Buddhas faces South. I don't know why.

There are three floors beneath the statue but we were not allowed to use our camera. There is a relic of Gautama Buddha consisting of his alleged cremated remains. We did not see it as it requires to leave offerings.  

I didn't mean to disrespect. I only had a bottle of mineral water.

I love this angle

giant buddha

Buddhist statues with their offerings. 

Hmmm . . . I'm not sure if this was it. When we paid for an entrance to see the Buddha, we were given a stub for free food. We were hungry. We kept walking and walking and walking but we didn't find the place where we could claim the food.

tea tree
We saw a lot of tea trees and scarecrows. I didn't really notice the scent of the tea because I wasn't a tea fan.
 It says FUN WALK.
Look at my friends' faces. We walked hundreds of steps up to Buddha, we went walking to find the food and they weren't too happy to see the sign hee hee

I enjoyed the walk as I love walking and I have exercise daily. My friends . . . not so much. It is obvious on their faces and body language.

Look what I saw??? Familiar??? 
Have you watched the movie Hachi: A Dog's Tale (That made me cry)
A Hachiko behind me ( I think. I wish)

I love dogs. I wished it was awake. But did not bother to wake it. Dogs here are really lazy. I have not seen a playful dog in this area.

We were not successful in finding our free food and instead it led us to the Wisdom path. Hoping this place might give us some wisdom to find our food hee hee

I sat on the rock and enjoyed the view and tranquility of the quiet surroundings even for a few minutes (we had to rush because we had a flight to catch)

Did I get any wisdom? No, I can't read the "world's best prayers" revered by Confucians, Buddhist and Taoist.

ann d explorer

No, I did not have time to go up and even if I did, I cannot read what was written. Also, I don't think I still have the strength to . . . maybe if we found the free food :)
For photo sake, I attempted on a few steps.

Here's the history

See . . .  because the place is so quiet and peaceful . . . all dogs are sleeping.

Below the Buddha statue is the buddhist monastery.

 Religious rituals

Donation options

One of the many souvenir shops in NP. This one is beside the monastery.

Do wait for Ngong Ping Part 2

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Let's Move & Let's Love

Love is more than a hug . . . 
Love is more than a kiss . . .

You can show love in different ways and we showed it by helping out the typhoon victims in building a house for them. In our world where our nights turn into days to work and our days turn into nights to sleep, we opted after work or on our rest days to spend days volunteering to help make new homes for the homeless. We may not show these people how we care through hugging and kissing them but we built these houses out of love. More than just donating money, we have given our precious time to be under the sun to be able to finish not just a shelter but a home of new hope and a future.     

Our goal is to give these kids forget the past . . .

. . . and move them to a brighter tomorrow.

Let's Move & Let's Love