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Trek at Mt Ampacao and Lake Danum

My first solo travel in Sagada, Mountain Province and the first activity I did was to trek going to Mt. Ampacao.

From town, my guide and I took the easy way going there by taking a motor bike. We passed by the town of Ambassing. We only went halfway up because his bike was just the regular one and not meant for going up the mountains.     

It was just a 20 minute walk from where we parked and it was a pretty easy trail.

My guide leading the way

Along the way, we saw some wild blueberries and strawberries where I had my guide taste it first before I did. I wanted to make sure he he he

This is a Pitcher plant. 
The guide didn't give much information about it and just said that you can drink the juice from it . . . which he did. He insisted that I try it too . . . which he was unsuccessful. I later found out from a mountaineer that this is a carnivorous plant that feeds on insects and even mice. 

Smart Tower. 
They rule over Globe in Sagada I guess.

Not really much to do here. 
Just enjoy the view and you can do soul searching if you want.
You can pitch a tent here and camp.

Below is the ranch and over those mountains you'll see the way to Ilocos Sur and Mt. Tirad 

That's another town over there . . .  Besao

They said that Mt Ampacao has a nice sunset. I've always witnessed sunsets in beaches and it would have been great to see it on the highlands. Unfortunately, it became cloudy. 

Mt. Ampacao is also known for bird watching/hunting. Though it wasn't the season.

The trail 

From Mt. Ampacao, you can trek going to Lake Danum for another 7km which I did not do. Instead I explored going there on my own on Day 3 with the instructions of Kuya Sotero, my guide to just follow the road. He said it will just take two hours total to and fro and around 4km. I passed by Sagada Pottery and  a couple of houses then it was just the road . . . the road . . . and more road. 

I wanted to ask if I was going the right direction but I did not see a single person on the road. There were a couple of jeepneys that passed by. If only calves can talk as they were the only ones I saw roaming around.

I saw this. The road leads to another town which is Besao . . . the one I saw up at Mt. Ampacao.  After more than an hour of walking, I decided to call Kuya Sotero because the roads were endless and I haven't seen a signage that says "Lake Danum" 

It turned out that a signage did not exist and I walked passed Lake Danum. I had to turn around and walk another 30minutes to get to the place. Waiting shed is the landmark. From town, it is on the right side and from Besao, it'll be on your left. Opposite the shed, is a path leading to the lake.

Since I didn't have a guide with me, I don't have much information about the place. I know the word "Danum" means  "water" as it is the same term in my mom's dialect, kapampangan. I also read that it's not really a lake but it's just a big pond.

A group was having a picnic and they invited me to eat with them. I was shy and declined their invitation politely but in reality I was hungry. It was around 2 in the afternoon and I realized I had not eaten since I woke up. Good thing I had water to keep me going. Kuya Sotero then asked if I wanted to be rescued, meaning he will pick me up. Because I did not want to be embarrass and be talked about as "we had to rescue a girl in Lake Danum because she was too hungry to walk back" ha ha ha I did not stay long as there wasn't anything to do, no one to talk to, no food to eat and the sun was hurting my skin.

There were a lot of land mines :)

Back to the road again and I met another family roaming around

 Though this time I got lucky. I got surprised when a tricycle (which you don't see around Sagada) stopped in front of me and the kind driver said to hop in . . . and the bonus part is . . . he did not let me pay.

My guide was surprised to see how fast I got back . . . I hid the part at first that I got a ride but told him the truth after :)

My second time to visit Lake Danum. This time I did a bike tour!

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Nice adventure:) thanks for sharing this one, soon sana makapunta rin ako jan...

cool photos!Laki nung pitcher plant ha:) i should visit this place

Sagada's just a beauty. This is my first time to see a pitcher plant so I'm not sure if it's big hehehe. Thanks for visiting and following :)

Ann, Yung pinaka-peak daw ng Mt. Ampacao ay yung lugar kung saan yung nakalagay yung Smart cellular tower. :)

nice! tinahak mag-isa ang Lake Danum. galing! :) i'm starting to love Sagada na, kahit sa mga pictures ko pa lang nakita! thanks for sharing, Ann! ;)

Nag solo na rin naman ako pumunta dun, might as well have the experience to explore a place alone din hahahaha and if the guides said it's an easy path, then go! hahaha

Hi Ms. Ann...ganda ng mga blog mo especially your extreme activity sa crystal cave...1st time nmin makapunta sa Sagada last Nov30-Dec2 and kahit malayo ang sarap balik-balikan ng place n yan. Tnx for your sharing your wonderful experienced :)

Weddy, thank you for visiting my blog. Yes, ang ganda ng Sagada. Babalik balikan mo talaga. I will do Crystal Cave again. You should too.

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Hi! Nice Blog.:) Can i ask for the number of Kuya Sotero?

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