Saturday, August 11, 2012

Coron Part 2

It took me some time to make a follow up from my first photoblog on Coron. 

You can never put Palawan in just one post *=)

Our next destination was one of my many favorites in Coron

View from Banol Beach

Banol Beach is a small beach. 
What you see on the photo is the whole beach. 
It has four cottages where tourists can take their lunch.

Coron Palawan
Since all cottages were occupied, we had our lunch on the boat but docked at the beach

Don't underestimate this small beach because it has a breath taking view

Coron Palawan

The water and the sand was as gorgeous as the view
Coron Palawan

View from Banol Beach
It doesn't look real but it is real.

After our tummies were filled, we headed to the Skeleton Wreck.

Greeted by this man who got our entrance fee

A guide assisting his guests. Good job!

I asked this guide from another boat (who wasn't our guide) to go and touch the ship.

Coron Palawan

This is one of the Japanese ships that went to Busuanga and Coron Island and was attacked by the US Navy around 1944

Coron Palawan

One of the easy wreck dives in Coron. Just around 5 meters deep.

It reminded me of seeing the real video clips of Titanic. It was a bit creepy.

 Some of my travel buddies got freaked out that there is a ship under our boat and so they did not want to go and explore it. Instead this is how they looked at it.

Our last stop for the day was the Twin Lagoons.
This was not new to me since I've seen so many of these in El Nido.
Though, our boat had to stop here and we had to swim to go inside the lagoon.

Coron Palawan

The one with the ladder is the entrance to the lagoon.

Reached the entrance.

It was a tiring swim because we had been swimming since morning.

You can take the ladder to go in rather than swimming under. 
Nothing special or won't really make it easier for you if you take this path.
 You just get to jump.

 Or you can paddle your way in just like this foreigner who flashed his big smile at me.

I don't know what you call this. Our guide wasn't much help. 
But it looks cool and easier than swimming.

We just swam and swam and swam around the lagoon.
Oh . . .  did I mention that we swam? *=)

 We were there . . . in just one of the lagoons *=)

Exhausted but very happy with the day we had.



It's beautiful! I really would love to go to Palawan one day. It's a shame I don't get to explore my country much.

GirlTalker here, btw. Followed you.

Palawan paradise! PS I think it's called paddleboarding.

Thanks Mustachio! It does make sense if it's called paddleboarding :)

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