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When we visited Macau, I made no research about the place except for the destinations we would be going to. As we lined up at the Immigration, I noticed the signs were in Spanish, English and Chinese writings. When we started the tour, looking at the buildings reminded us of Europe but when you look at the people, they're all Asians.

Brief background
Here's what I understood of its history and will explain it in a simple manner that you won't fall asleep.

Macau or Macao. Both are acceptable c",)
Is one of the two special administrative regions of People's Republic of China. You can fly directly here or take the ferry from the other special administrative region which is Hong Kong.

The Chinese empire lent Macau in the 16th century as a trading port with the agreement that it still runs under the administration of the Chinese authority and sovereignty. Then the sovereignty was transferred to Portugal in 1887 and it became a colony of the Portuguese empire. It then was redefined as a  "Chinese territory under the Portuguese Administration" The two countries agreed that it should be under the Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China and got formal sovereignty back in 1999

Macau's economy is dependent on gambling and tourism.

The Road
Outside the Macau Ferry Terminal, we saw different buses lined up. We hopped on to the first blue bus which was a Venetian Bus. The hotel buses are free. You just need to know where they are, where they're heading and what their schedules are.

Our eyes were already satisfied inside the bus

Macau Tower
We planned to go to the 360 degrees buffet lunch at the top of the tower.
I wanted to do bungee jumping or walk on the edges but it was way expensive.
In short, we never got near to this tower because of time constraints and was not able to see the free shuttle going here.

Ponte De Amizade
English translation is Bridge of Friendship
Referred to as the New Macau-Taipa Bridge
It connects the Macau Peninsula to Taipa

The Coliseum at Macau's Fisherman's Wharf

The Venetian Macao

Our first destination. 
It should be. 
We took the Venetian bus from the Ferry Terminal c",)
We didn't see any "The Venetian" sign but we assumed we were already there because of the Blue Venetian buses  in the Parking lot.

Hotel West Lobby
 It is the largest single hotel structure building in Asia.

Side of the hotel.
It looked like the stairs in Universities.

The Venetian Macao is a Hotel and Casino which is owned by Las Vegas Sands Corporation.

Behind me is the casino where cameras are not allowed

It has a "Venice" inside

The Grand Canal.
This gondolier is a filipino. I wasn't surprised that he sang well.  :)

The handsome gondolier

At the Grand Canal

A human statue. A real person!
This is a hard job.

We heard a woman singing out of nowhere and we saw everyone staring up.
She sang beautifully just like the gondoliers.

A nice sports car inside the hotel.

Outside The Venetian Macao.
Behind me is another hotel.
The Galaxy looks so near and we thought of walking.
But the person we asked for direction said we must take the free shuttle.
We were glad we didn't attempt to walk because it was a bit far.

The Galaxy

Free shuttle

Day and Night Shot.
We went back at night because we had to get the free shuttle ride to the Ferry Terminal.

Day and Night . . . it has the same beauty

Another sports car inside the hotel
This is what will greet you at the lobby. It was colorful, majestic and classy.

The Town

Santa Casa Da Misericordia
Holy House of Mercy in english
The oldest European charity
Senado Square
Photo 1: Busy market, busy street, busy people
Photo 2: They were all going here. Something to do with milk tea and the famous Boys Over Flower.

Random street sign that I took 

I guess this used to be an old means of transportation in Macau or it could be still existing but not in the city.

Tourists looking at the map and figuring out where they are or where they'll be going.
We did the filipino way . . . we asked around c",) So much simpler 

I thought this was only present in HK. They have it here too.

I always have to buy a shirt as a souvenir.

The beef/pork jerkies here are soooo good. I got full with all the free taste. Of course, I had to bring home some.

Nice cars on the streets. So common to see them around.

Hotel Lisboa
Hotel Lisboa
This caught my eyes right away as we were inside the bus. The structure of the hotel is just amazing.
Too bad we didn't have much time to go inside the hotel. 

The Ruins of St. Paul 

A church was built in 1602 connected to the Jesuit College of St. Paul. The fascade of carved stone was built by Japanese Christian exiles and local craftsmen under the direction of Carlo Spinola, an Italian Jesuit. The college was used as an army barracks after the expulsion of the Jesuits. In 1835, there was a fire in the kitchen that destroyed the college and reached the body of the church

Ruins of St. Paul
"find me, find me in the crowd"

They restored it in the early 90s and turned the back side into a museum

Behind the facade 

Overall, the experience was great, tiring, exciting and we did not spend a lot here. Hey, free shuttles and free food. Our eyes were filled with interesting sights. Your camera is your best friend here because you just want to capture everything. One day wasn't enough. We hope to be back and explore more of Macau. I also want to fulfill my dream of doing a bungee jump at the Tower c",)

Some photos are c/o my travel buds, Cris, Tina and Brux



Ive always wanted to see the Ruins of St Paul. This is in my bucket list. :)

There's so much to see in Macau!!! Go! :)

ganda!! super sosy and beautiful ng macau! Sayang d ko napuntahan ng nag hk ako :(

you should go!!! it's a different experience :)

I wanna travel now!
Love that photos!

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