Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fortune telling

I remember my mom and grandmother were into fortune telling. I'm not. Though I remember having my palm read once I think in college by a random person and he said that I would be married by 23. 
It passed and I'm still single he he he

I don't believe in this and I don't recommend but I just had to accompany a friend. I also wanted to see Quiapo, Manila. I've been hearing so much about the place. The church and the fortune tellers. We knew we were in the area already when everything got busier.  The place is also known as a marketplace with lots of thieves and snatchers. So we were paranoid and alert. 

We went there simply dressed. We headed outside the Quiapo church. The fortune tellers were not hard to find as they were all lined up just beside the church. With their chair, little table, umbrella and their tarot cards. 

There are those who uses regular cards

We picked a fortune teller randomly. He was the only one we saw smiling. 
For 100 pesos you get to know you're fortune.
He shuffled the cards and had my friend place her hand and asked her in her mind to ask three questions she is looking for an answer to.

He laid down the cards and started blabbing.

There were times he asked to pick a card from the pile. 

After the cards, he asked for my friend's hands. This was a trick.
When we were done, she gave him 100 pesos but he said that there was an additional payment for the palm reading which was an additional 100. My friend said she didn't know that there was an additional fee since he just asked for her hands. The fortune teller answered that she never asked. He told her he was going to help her pray for an additional 1500 pesos I think. He will need to buy the things he needed for it. Good thing my friend was sane enough to know he was squeezing money out from her.

I then asked my friend if all her questions got answered. It wasn't. 
I guess it was just a matter of playing one's mind. For a single woman, normally the questions would be about love. The fortune teller was good in story telling. I sat there observing and checking for consistencies in what he was saying. I'd say I got bored near to the half of it because I was able to sense inconsistencies already. 

I wasn't able to get a lot of photos because it was scary to show your phone and camera to those observant thieves around. It was quite an experience or should I say an observation. I really can't believe that a lot of people believe in this. I find it really silly . . . in my opinion.

Most of the things the man said to my friend did not happen :)



OOOoh! what an experience!

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Thank you. I followed you too :)

Interesting post:)
Followed you by the way, hope you visit mine.
God bless..

bad :( kaya ako never din naniniwala sa mga gnyan :(

may mga tao na magaling mag mind read

i love Quiapo! madalas kami dyan magsimba ng 3yr old ko. favorite spot namin yung Hidalgo at Carriedo streets, buying random stuff na magustuhan namin mag-ina, parang tour na isa-isa ko ini-introduce yung mga vegetables sa bangketa, always checking on those camera shops (di naman makabili! :D). but i will never ever try those fortune tellers! hehe

and don't go there kapag maulan, sobrang maputik at mabilis magbaha ;)

I don't really like crowded places. Even sa mall when there's a mallwide sale, I don't really go so I don't think I'll be hangin' around Quiapo hehehe unless it's about my interest like the cameras :)

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