Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cave Con in Sagada

I didn't like caves. It scared me and at the same time I felt there wasn't much to see in there. Until . . .  last year, when we were convinced to do spelunking inside Sumaging Cave in Sagada.   

I enjoyed it so much that I went back to Sagada on my own and did a level up. I even prepared myself physically like I did a two weeks straight 8km-10km walk so my body won't ache like the first time it did. 

Holding on to the rope for life here

Cave Connection or Cave Con as they call it is entering Lumiang Cave and exiting Sumaging Cave. So it's a connection of two caves. From town, Kuya Sotero, my ever reliable SaGGAS guide (PhP800 guide fee as of Feb 2012) and I walked to Lumiang Cave and seriously it was not that far. It was fun walking because of the cool weather and no pollution. It's also good warm up. 

From the road, a few meters walk going down to the mouth of Lumiang Cave
With Kuya Sotero. He lits up our lamp here.
While Kuya Sotero worked on our lamp, I made myself busy documenting myself while alive hehehe
1st photo: I was still smiling . . .
2nd photo:  The last natural light I saw before entering the cave
Hey! This was a challenge for me so I didn't know then if I would make it alive hehehe

This is what you'll see first when you enter inside Lumiang Cave.
The skulls and bones of people.
I won't tell the story . . . you got to find out why they are there from the locals and the guides.  
Guess what . . . still smiling with mah head light! I told you . . . I prepared for this.

Kuya Sotero going down a small space
Shot from below. This is me going down.
1st photo: Not only was I smiling but laughing. Because we were  inside the cave, sound waves were bouncing around and then I heard someone say "Is that you, Ann?"
2nd photo: Meet my new found friends (Jac & Val) who I got acquainted with the night before and accidentally saw them here
This was hard. Carrying your body side-wards

A video clip of us crossing the waters without getting wet

Guess what this is?

At the _____ hall
I cleaned the pathway with my butt hehehe
Any idea what this is? Even more beautiful when you see it with your own eyes
This is such a give-a-way. The only one I was able to guess hehehe
I did not go for a swim. It was dark and freezing but Doc Jac took a dip.
Passing this path with wide legs apart
This was scary at first and you will need extra grip on the rope because it was quite a height.
Good job Kuya Sotero for carrying all our weight. You did the hard job and the other guide from ____ didn't.
Go SaGGAS!!!
This place now looks familiar . . . Sumaging Cave

Little crab living inside the cave

Stage 3 

Getting out of Stage 3

It never gets old

De ja vu
Took a shower

I had to put the old photo
1st photo: This was my first time and I had Marky, a SaGGAS guide help us as the human ladder
2nd photo: Woot!!! I did it on my own with no help from Kuya Sotero.

I was still all smile

I went in with a smile and went out of the cave smiling even more. The experience was  awesome. The exploration was great. I was able to finish it in 2hours and a half but my guide and I thought it could have been shorter if we did not see the ladies . . . too many photo shoots ate our time! I can't wait for my next level up!