Thursday, March 29, 2012

Coron, Palawan - Part 1


Coron is one of the Calamianes Group of Islands in the northern part of Palawan
 A PhP670 Cebu Pacific round trip ticket to Busuanga
Special seat I got next to the flight attendant and I also won a bag! 

To get to Coron, you must land in Francisco B. Reyes Airport, Busuanga (one of the islands)
(hmmm . . . who is Francisco B. Reyes???)
This is the road from Busuanga to Coron. Marlboro Country with some chocolate hills
 (who said they were in Bohol only?)
I think it took us around 30 - 40 minutes ride in an aircon van which costs us PhP130/pax

The staff of Palanca's . . . very friendly
(Daryl and Ate Dianne, promise we did not take the towel)
09182022266 or 09994919933

Our family room (PhP2800) good for 7 people at the Palanca Guesthouse
which is in a very convenient location.
(sorry, no decent photo of the room)

At the Lualhati Port waiting for our guide who's never on time.
Behind us is a CORON Hollywood-signage-type

Rented a boat for PhP1500/day
Snorkeling gears is PhP100


Entrance fee is PhP100/pax

See the board at the back . . .
We can't feed the fish because it has been reported that there are tourists who has been hurt when doing this.

Majority of the fish here are small and medium in size but plenty of them.
We saw a TURTLE swimming but we got so excited that we forgot to take a photo.


A beautiful view from the viewing deck
Entrance fee is PhP200/pax

Just so you know I was really there ;P

A cave at the viewing deck
We didn't explore any further as our guide was missing in action

You think it's easy to see the beauty of nature?
Nah . . .  not always . . . you need to trek up and down but it's all worth it
The Lake

This is what you'll see underneath.

Yes, I do spelunking but not really great with words about it he he he

Underwater shots

Oh look . . . me again . . . pointing at the map once again

Kayangan Lake, Coron Island and it's surrounding waters is an ancestral domain of the Indeginous TAGBANUA people and is covered by the Indigenous people's right act (RA8371) of 1997.
(Did I seem smart at that paragraph? I just copied the last part on the board ;P)

My photography teacher once told me to be creative and I did with these tarpaulins I saw there
ha ha ha seriously, I don't know why I did not take the whole thing for it to be more informative for you readers
(what was I thinking???)

I had a shot at the top view deck. . . why not have the dock view
Hmmmm . . . here you'll see me on different shots and eventually ran out of it and got tired ;P

Indigenous Tagbanua people
Had a chat with these very nice men.



It's been years since I've been here! No underwater camera pa that time. Hehe. So I plan to go back this year. Coron still as pretty as ever!

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(also from GT)

nakakamiss ang Coron because of your post. you saw the bottom of the lake? ang galeng!

- Tin

A place for depressed and stressed person. this Place will made you feel happy, stress free, and relaxed. crystal clear water, No pollution, mountains, trees, fishes looks healthy and lively. a very very welcoming place, and a place that i am looking for.

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Cool =) How I wish I was there too. Your underwater pictures are awesome.

Thanks Joei for visiting and I did the favor you asked :)

Thanks for visiting Tin. The Lake is very relaxing.

Not only Coron, but Palawan makes me feel relaxed :)

Sunning view of Coron! Thanks for sharing! :)

Followed you through GFC
Pls visit mine, too!


You have a nice informative blog and Nice photos. The beaches in Coron are among the most beautiful I have seen in the Philippines (as beautiful as Potipot and Boracay, but with so few people! You can read more about these beaches on my Philippines Travel blog -

I liked your photos - especially the underwater ones!

We had visited Coron a few months ago, stayed at Discovery island resort (beautiful - and secluded away from Coron on a small outlying island).

You can read my Coron blog here -

I have also posted photos and details of all the places in Coron - snorkeling in siete pecadoes, beach bumming, etc. Feel free to see my blog and do write a line or two if you liked it.

thank you expat for visiting my blog and the compliments. I will visit your blog too. Hope you had a blast in my beautiful country!!!

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