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Sagada Town Fiesta 2012

Since I am not a Catholic, I don't really go on fiestas. It just so happen that I fell in love with Sagada the first time . . . that I decided to go a few months after even if I had to go there alone. The place was just wonderful and I wanted to explore more on the culture and the people. This year 2012, they celebrated the feast of the church and the Etag festival. Etag is a smoked pork that is very significant for the people in the Cordillera town. I got loads of photos of the event but I'll be sharing some of my favorite ones only. Others I may not be able to expound as the local dialect, Kankan-ey is usually used and I did not have my guide accompany me (which I think I should have done to be able to understand them more) 

The festival was celebrated from Feb 2 - 6. Their theme was "Cultural Identity and Strength of the Community" The first two days started with parades from different civic groups and locals from all areas of Sagada. There were games like basketball, baseball and muay thai. Pageants for the ladies and gays. A tiangge (flea market) was set up on the street. In other words, it was pretty busy. Lots of people from other neighboring towns and not sure about the bulk of tourists. Since the festival they said is not much of an attraction to tourist though locals said they are improving on this. I think they did a good job. It was very interesting to witness different tribes/groups perform and show their culture. Though it would have been more interesting if I had a translator. I was hesitant to ask the locals beside me. One thing I learned about their personalities is that they don't make the first move. You have to flash a smile at them before you get one. You have to greet them first before you get greeted. So don't get offended, if you're used to the people from the South of the Philippines to be all so approaching . . . the people from the North are not. That's what I have noticed after my Northern exposures . . . though it doesn't mean they are less friendly. It's just that they maybe shy at first and you may not receive a beso (a friendly cheek to cheek greeting) on your first meeting.   

St. Mary's Church. After the parade, some went to church.



Yes . . .  I head this group of beautiful kids (he he he)

The Seniors took part of the event too!

The Sagada Guides

A father carries his child on his shoulder . . . I love it when  I see fathers with their children

Lola giving me her smile

The women here use their heads . . .  and they use it well!!!

Lola with her traditional costume and her red shoes

Kuya gave me his beautiful smile

Kabayan Dance group

My favorite street dance ... the war dance!
This guy is my favorite warrior!
He was in character the whole time . . . FIERCE!
Looking at the enemy and then he initiates the fight.
Then they meet up in the air!


The crowd

When they started, I thought it was going to be boring as it was a big group but I actually enjoyed it. The beat was nice.
They invited the audience to dance with them
The only three males in the dance group
Women eating etag
Sagada rice wine
The war dance
Cooking show . . . How to make Pinikpikan the original way

This was performed by the Central Zone which I did not understand as the narrator was using the local dialect.


This surprised me!!!!
It's legal to eat dog meat in Sagada but serve publicly only on special occassions.
My guide said that askals are better!!! For the record, I did NOT EAT this

Val and Jacq, fellow tourists I met on my first day. These girls will try anything!!! Here they are eating doggie meat.

A Sagada specialty which consists of Native chicken and Etag. They say it taste like Tinola.
Berries for sale at Masferre.
I was able to taste some wild berries (straw, rasp and black) when we went trekking at Mt. Ampacao.
I love this sauce!

It is a sliced pork that is salted, cured and smoked by drying it under the sun for several weeks until it becomes dark and brownish in color. 
Native pigs are usually the best etags. 
The etag is mixed with Pinikpikan to add up the Sagada flavor.
The elders believe that the smoky aroma drives away the evil spirits. 

The Sagada Siopao . . . etag as the meat covered by rice cake

Some of the ACTIVITIES
They had wall climbing and zipline too. This is the first time I passed on a zipline because it was too short and too low.

The Muay Thai stage. I was not able to watch because it took 3 hours before it started.

Shoot out contest. 




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A great picture journey. I really enjoy it. It was a culture show(may be) but that place is perfect for trekking .

Thanks Yaseen for visiting. Another great place for trekking would be Banaue :) two thumbs up!

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