Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pongas Falls in Sagada, Mt. Province

Another waterfalls post??? 

Well, I'll make this one as interesting as possible
 because of all my waterfalls visit, 
THIS . . . by far is the most interesting (as of February 2012)  

From town, it's around 5km or a little bit more to get to the Southern part of Sagada which is Suyo. We reached this place by an XRM bike which was a cold-up-and-down-the-steep-hills ride. Here's the FUN part. It was my guide, Kuya Sotero's first time to ride a bike there with a passenger. He had only been practicing to ride a bike for a few days just so he could grant my request that I wanted to ride a bike around Sagada. ha ha ha Can you imagine the THRILL there? I did . . . PRAY!!!

Here's where we parked our bike.
 Beautiful view behind me and the roof below is a school where  we passed by to start our trek.

The first bridge we crossed. It's not like there are a lot of 'em he he he
I'm just not sure if it has a name or I was just not attentive at what my guide was saying.

My guide, Kuya Sotero leading the way. Which he really should :)
The second and last bridge. It was cool to hang around here.
Just don't joke someone into pretending to push that person over.
Behind me is the second bridge while I carefully walk here making sure my DSLR  won't get hurt.
I'm okay to slip or fall over. I'm used to it. Just not my toy :P
There were only two kinds of flowers I noticed around. Sunflowers and this one.
Kuya forgot what this one is. Anyone???
Entering the town after 10 minutes of walk from our start point.

We need to register at the barangay hall for 10 pesos only per tourist.

History 101 with Kuya.
Photo 1 - a toilet
Photo 2 - a pig pen/sty
To be continued on the next photo . . .
Continuation . . .
A long time ago, the toilet was always structured to be above the pig sty as they believe that human waste is very nutritious for the pigs. It just flushes down to the food area of the pigs.
Now, they have toilets built separately. But I saw this one and I can't help but think about it.

Photo 1 - they grow their veggies at their backyard or front or ummmm . . . side.
Photo 2 - almost all the local kids have the Dora the explorer hairstyle. Seriously.

Photo 1 - a daycare
Photo 2 - a place where they stack their hays or whatever they harvest.

Getting out of the little barangay and ending our little history session.
Still can't get over the  toilet and the pig story.
Photo 1 - Freshly picked tomatoes
Photo 2 - i thought this was it! ha ha ha that's what my guide 's reaction on me and said it ain't that easy.
Anyway, that black thing hanging over there is the water irrigation line.
It's not that I don't have much photos to post. There really is a story to tell here. That's why a lot of back shot of Kuya. The path gets harder and muddier. I'm in between on my balancing skills and getting off balance because I need to pull my slippers out of the mud.

My guide really has so much belief in me that we choose to do the rivering tour which is slightly
challenging than the regular path.
Photo 1 - nice little falls huh? but it's still not it . . .
Photo 2 - We climbed on these and hang on to leaves, branches, rocks and hang on for our lives!
I just had to go near

the top view . . . yeah!!! we were down there earlier!
My guide figuring out which way we should go
Beautiful huh??? and slippery too!!!
Evidence I was here

So what does a girl traveling alone do on falls like these? Try different poses . . . as long as it's not  me who falls.

Sitting on this big rock was not the most comfortable place AT ALL!!! But you still need to  SMILE :)
No slippers! Not a good idea to have slippers when rivering . . . too slippery.

It looks the same as the previous one but it isn't. Notice I have my slippers on. I keep leaving my slippers when it gets hard for me but my guide keeps going back to get it.
Falls are getting taller! Looks promising . . .
Spotted from afar. They're getting BIGGER.
If it wasn't for the camera, you wouldn't see me smiling here ha ha ha
Though seriously, I had fun with challenges like these. It's not like everyday you get to do this.

Yes, I was down there! HA!

Photo 1 - a tall one I see from afar!
Photo 2 - getting nearer . . .

Had to go through these rocks . . . my poor bare feet . . .
Front and back shots of the rocks

Still the same rocks . . . my guide just wanted to make sure I am contented with my shots . . .
This time, the landscape shots ha ha ha
Finally reached the tall one I saw from afar but it's still not it ha ha ha
I wondered for a few minutes why I went back to this rock . . .then figured it out.
It was in the same area with the tall falls.
After an hour and a half, we finally hit the destination!!!! 
The tallest waterfalls I've seen. I wasn't listening to my guide . . .
 he may have told me how high it was
Beautiful photo?
Going up those rocks is not as easy as it looks. I got bruises and scratches because I wanted to prove that
 I can climb it on my own. Not really sure who I was proving it to ha ha ha Lesson learned here was to accept a
guide's helping hand

Getting near. Careful . . .very slippery on this part.
ha ha ha TRUST ME when I say that!
Photo 1 - dipping my feet into the cold water
Photo 2 - trying to get near the falls
Candid shot. Emo mode.
Finally got near . . . I love it here. Water was cold but tolerable.

view from below the falls
My SaGGAs guide on emo mode too

ha ha ha fine! I enjoyed it too much
A short clip

My guide convinced me to go in the pool but darn it was FREEZING! The moment I got in there . . .
I shouted "Kuya, take that DAMN photo NOW"
Notice on Photo 2 I couldn't even lift my arms

Getting down. I was still hurting from my bruises here.
My guide was wearing sneakers so we parted ways here . He had white sneakers and did a really good job  in keeping it  dry and white. I had my slippers on and I couldn't even have it on for 5 minutes. ha ha ha he was nowhere to carry my slippers

My guide made me an improvised walking stick with his newly bought bolo knife
We took a different route going back where the irrigation path is and my balancing skills was no longer tested because of my stick

Green fields

A Carrabao we met on the way

Remember this bridge?
Walking with my sunflowers, stick, torn pants (hee hee) wet and muddy clothes and with my very memorable experience

My last photo.
So what was the most memorable experience for me here?

So who is this man?
In every man's BACK, is a FACE in front.
My most trusted and fatherly SaGGAs guide, Kuya Sotero Ngoloban.
You're in good hands with this man. I highly recommend him.
Contact this man and get his excellent service 09395062033
Note: be patient when waiting for a reply from him as he maybe inside the caves or somewhere at the falls doing his job.  Give him until the end of the day :)



Ang ganda pala ng Pongas falls at ang saya ng trek mo dito. Hehe. Hindi namin to napuntahan last time. Sana masingit namin to on our second visit to Sagada this May. :)

Thanks Gabz. You should really visit it. Not only will you enjoy the destination but the journey too.

hi! can you post your list/summary of expenses on your sagada trip? tnx so much!:)

Please see the links I have posted here so you can make your own budget. Most of the links are from SaGGAs website -

Tour Guide Rates -

Transportation -
Going to-from Sagada

Around Sagada-

Lodges/Inns - around 250 to 350 per person/day

Food - 90 pesos +++per meal even in a carinderia I ate at

Hope this helps. Feel free to visit the SaGGAs site for more info and you can ask your inquiries in their chatroll. I usually hang out there.

Hi Ann! Very nice journal of Pongas Falls! Planning to go there this April :)

Thank you! You'll enjoy Sagada but they say this summer, water's thin. Actually when i wenet there, it was already thin...not sure if it gets thinner.

Hi! Ann went there on the 13th of april.. Wasnt able to climb the part of the falls where you can dip in the water .. Hahahha sobrang natakot.. We chat on Sobang bitin. Will surely come back!l!!

Hi J!!!! Super sayang. You were there na hahahaha Did you do the rivering way?

oo nga!!! pasaway to si Kevin eh... hahaha na shock ata kami.. as in bangin ang lalakaran.. hindi ata.. but surely pagbalik ko if i have a good company di na ko uurong. Planning to visit the bomod - ok falls next and cave connection. ;)

Hi Ann. I've been to sagada twice but I never tried this one big fall. Well, it was not that popular before then so i did not know it. Anyway, I enjoyed every bit of your photos (and detailed description hahaha). Nice and great blog. i'll surely visit this destination this December....Two thumbs up for this! Kudos! ^^


the difference betweem my pongas falls adventure and yours is the water, when i went there grabe yung falls ang laki ang lakas ng tubig the thundering sound of the falls was deafening, even the tour guides were excited to see pongas falls at its grandest!

The purple flowers are Ipomoeas. :)

Coolness. Thank you soooo much! Finally someone answered on this hahaha or i'll forever call it purple flower

wow! sana marating ko rin yan. nice photos. feeling ko nasa pong-as din ako! was smiling from start to end :)

thanks for visiting din. at least sa photos napa smile ka. with adventures, there will be pains din hahaha i've had my share here but overall it was a fun and exciting experience. go punta ka!

punta kami Sagada this December, sana mapuntahan namin yang pongas falls :)

.....ngapala, hindi rin ako maka-get over dun sa toilet at pigpen! haha

hahahaha i know right! classic! hinde na naman daw ginagawa pero kase nakakita ako and I can't help but think hahahaha sabe ng guide na minsan nga you would see na nasa ulo ng pig eh hahahaha kinikilig ako!

we'll be there on October. Batad-Sagada. This time Crystal Cave and Blue Soil naman!

Share your experience din ha :)

wow. nice. thanks for sharing. :)

jrome, thanks for visiting

Been there with this great man Kuya Sotero last year, I'll be back next month and will definitely ask him again to guide us. Anyway, kudos to you! Good read.

Nice post! I wasn't able to visit this falls. I'll make sure to have this included on my next visit. :)

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