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El Nido, Palawan Island Hopping Tour A

Last December, I went to explore El Nido on my own. Here's the first installment of my unforgettable and amazing experience I had.  For only PhP700 with lunch included (standard rate), I got to do Tour A Island Hopping which includes Small Lagoon, Big Lagoon, Simizu Island, 7 Commandos Island and Secret Lagoon. 

Taken at Simizu Island.

This is the Helicopter Island. It's not part of Tour A but you won't miss it as you'll pass by it.

Our first stop was at the Big Lagoon because the water was at its normal level where our boat can go in easily.
Sea Urchins that are not allowed to eat because they are poisonous

At the top you'll see a Mother Mary shape but it isn't a statue. Just a rock.

We just toured the Big Lagoon and did not go into the waters.

Our boatman and guide complimented my shirt when they first saw me. I just thought they liked it. When we went to the Big Lagoon, I found out that SURVIVOR FRANCE was shot here. They had their challenges in this lagoon.

Our guide, Kuya Aleyo asked assistance from France (we call  each other by country) to balance the boat. The water was a bit low. 

Outside the Big Lagoon.

Simizu Island, where we had lunch. It was named after two Japanese divers.

Our guide preparing our lunch.

Spain . . . enjoying the amazing view.

Our lunch. Rice, grilled pork, squid, big fish, ensaladang eggplant, watermelon, banana and pineapple.

Brazil under the sun.
Tourists kayaking

more  amazing view.

the Secret Lagoon

It wasn't hard going in but the waves were a bit strong.

I love Palawan, in general! I gave this rock a hug but don't try it.  The rocks are rough hahaha.

Our Group photo in Secret Lagoon. We call each other by places :)
(L-R)  Korea, Spain, France, Manila, Spain and Brazil
I looked like a tour guide here he he he
Notice how the Asians are all covered up ;P

Beside the Secret Lagoon.

Notice what's behind me???

An open toilet he he he In order for one to use this, one should cover their face.
Spot the difference :P


this is suppose to be a trick shot but I don't know what my guide was doing ha ha ha

It depends on the water level. Most of the time, we swim to get to the island.

We went to Small Lagoon. The entrance was too small for a boat to go in so if you do not have a kayak, you have to swim going in. We did that. It was tiring. I think we swam around 15minutes to get in. I did not get a photo as I did not have a water resistance camera but here's a video.

7 commandos Island

Dogs are extra friendly in beaches when you have food with you.

My coconut drink for PhP50

Lucky dog . . . living in a beautiful island.

With our guide, Kuya Aleyo and boatman, Kuya Jimmy

The most beautiful and amazing sunset I've ever seen . . . taken at 7 Commandos Island.

Loving Palawan even more.

What a way to end the tour.

As we were leaving, Kuya Aleyo our guide did a back flip for my entertainment . . .
 twice as  I was not able to get the first one
Super happy



I love your pics in Palawan. I want to know how to get there.


Love the pictures.. :) Thanks for sharing
just followed you!
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Thanks Goyt. I love Palawan!

Thanks for following Calin. I'll visit your site :)

Try To visit our website are tour operator here in Puerto Princesa,Palawan.

Hope to hear from you.

palawan is a super nice place. i sooo envy you ms. andy. hope to see Palawan too in the near future :-)

I wish to live here one day...I wouldn't mind living there as early as today :)

Love it! Can't wait to go there.. :) Thanks for sharing, i just followed your blog!
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i love your solo trip, outstanding!
sa nov (tagal pa) meron din akong solo trip dito. im excited!

A point where we can't fly unless we change into orange jumpsuits and are handcuffed to our seats.
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Nice pics! I've seen the first batch but I like these more. Seems like you really had a good time. recruitment specialist

fukkkit!!!! el nido is such a i-cant-think-of-a-synonymous-term-for-magnificent place. makes me wanna book a flight and be there tonight. this post is a f*ck. thanks

Thanks for finally talking about > "El Nido, Palawan Island Hopping Tour A"
< Loved it!
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irviejane - hello. Thanks for droppin' by

Nice pics! Do u have the contact numbers of your tour guide? thanks. My friend is coming in the Phils and she wanted to visit El Nido..

Thank you. You an contact Tiara 09178094509 and she'll take care of your El Nido...even Puerto Princesa trips. Her email address is; her site is She's highly recommended :) You'll see reviews of her services too Have fun!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and seeing the photos.

I especially liked the photo of you hugging the rock.... it is so cute, and honest at the same time.

I am planning my visit to palawan (at the moment it looks like El Nido, Puerto princessa and Port Barton) and used your blog to chalk out my plans.

Do see my travel blog -

David B. - thank you!!!! I got hurt hugging that rock hahaha but it was too late. I had to pretend I was okay but yeah after I got over the pain, I thought it was really funny. You should try Coron, Palawan too. I will visit your blog.

David B- I saw you've been to Coron already :)

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you're welcome :) Ashoka. Thanks for reading.

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Hi.. can i ask.. im a big fan of beaches and islands.
I already explore thailand islands and its beautiful.

and Id like to travel new country, phillipines for the 1st time.
and confuse to choose between boracay and palawan.

And as i read from forum, boracay has no ferry to palawan.

what do you recommend me palawan or boracay. for a week travel.

thank you.

kuswandi, I suggest Palawan. There's a lot to visit in Palawan than in Boracay. Sorry for the late reply.

Hi, your pictures are interesting. What I want to know is, where did you rent the boat? For 700PHP pP? Was a minimum amount of people necessary or are there shared boats?

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