Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bokong Falls

When I went to Sagada, Mountain Province, I did not bother to research on what we will be doing there. Sometimes, it's fun to travel expecting things to surprise you on the way. 

Well, Bokong Falls or also known as  the Small Falls was not really on our itinerary. Because we were so worn out from our earlier activity and it was drizzling on and off, we decided to go here as it was the nearest tourist spot from town. It took us I think around 20 minutes walk but that was like leisure walking as we took some stops to take photos.

This was the start of our trek with our guide, Marky leading us.

Going down. Nice view up there.

It took us longer to get there because it was slippery  from the drizzles.
This is us reaching our goal.

You won't be too amazed when you see it. It really lives up to it's name . . . The Small Falls. Though, I actually found it rather cute. It's a good place and activity for families with kids or those who are not too fond of physical activities.  You only get to trek for a couple of minutes.  You can swim and have a picnic there. Just make sure you bring all your trash with you when you leave the place.

The pool is said to be 12ft deep. Though I had my swim wear . . .  it was the wrong one. I should have brought a wet suit because the water was freezing. 

Instead, we just enjoyed the water and took photos. Since I was always slipping, my camera was in good hands of our guide/photographer, Marky. Surprisingly, he had a good eye and I am happy with almost all of his shots.

Landscape shot

Portrait shot

Us just walking around.

With my sunflower, I watched tadpoles.
A short clip of me babbling . . . 

We took a different route going back. Marky said it was easier . . . i think longer but easier.

It was nice to walk on the fields.

and more fields

and more fields :)

Marky said to be careful on the "moving" rocks. I shrieked a little and freaked out. I thought something alive was hiding from the rocks. Only to find out that there are rocks not too stable.  Tsk tsk tsk too imaginative.


Coolness. I'd like to have these grown on my backyard ;P

Still smiling while going up.

Since I was not prepared for this, see that on my right hand??? Yes, they call it in Sagada . . . wrong footwear :) 

Yes, I walked bare foot most of the time with a very patient and helpful guide. I only had two minor slips. Super thankful to my SaGGas guides.

I did not know Marky was taking this photo. It was a "happy-me" shot. Got stressed out with my slippers. I learned the hard way.

***some photos taken by Roberto Chando



It's so true! Sometimes it's nice to not stress over the itinerary and let yourself be surprised with random things that come your way :) I have been to Sagada numerous times but have not seen any of the falls. Lol.

Go back!!!

There's this great waterfall they are bragging....will see it next week :P

Cool and nice candid shots! Your guide must be a photographer as well huh! ^^

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