Thursday, January 26, 2012

El Nido, Palawan Island Hopping Tour C

The second part of my El Nido trip was Tour C which cost me 900 pesos with lunch included. I was surprised and happy at the same time that some of  the people I was with are those that I went with on Tour A. Though this time we went on a smaller boat. The boat ride was a little scary that day because of the big waves. I was with Spain and Brazil.

Our Captain and Brazil with the steering wheel.
We had a boat problem  after leaving  the island. Our guide and boatman forgot that there was a filipino on board and I could hear their argument at the back which made me very quiet. As you can see in this picture, wrong person was holding the wheel . . . that is because the wheel got detached for some reason and the boatman had to manually maneuver it with his own hands which he received a cut on his fingers too. We also had engine problems. This scared me for several minutes and good thing they were able to fix it . . . without the foreigners knowing it. 

Our first stop was at the Secret Beach.
So . . . where's the beach????

See that little hole over there??? That's where we need to swim into.  We were lucky the waves weren't that strong or else it would be dangerous as you have to get the right timing to get in there. My guide was a superman in the water. He brought me inside that tiny hole smoothly. But my heart was beating super fast because of the excitement and anxiety as you can see how deep it was and can feel the waves controlling you in some ways.

It was ALL worth it. It was my favorite place among all the islands that we went to. The sun was shining brightly over the secret little beach and you can see the crystal water and how it glowed. We did not get much photos here as we did not have any underwater/water resistant camera. Brazil just took a chance on bringing his digicam inside his ziplock. Behind me is the tiny hole we passed through.

We got busy enjoying the place. Would love to go back again and this time be prepared  with my camera.
We wanted to stay longer but Kuya Aleyo, our guide said the water was going up and it would be hard for us to get out. 

They call themselves . . . coffee, creamer and brown sugar he he he
The smoking area.

The view from the island we had lunch at. I forgot the name :)

On this island, there were fishermen with their families living there. According to our guide, they are illegally staying there because the island is a tourist spot.

Fisherman making his net.

Dried fish.

Kuya Aleyo and boatman preparing our food. All fresh.
Yum . . . the snapper and shrimps were sooo good.

A group photo before we leave the island.

Our next stop was Matinloc Shrine. Here it is said to be a heart shaped island from an aerial view.

According to Kuya Aleyo, miracles have happened here. His mom was even healed because she prayed here. He made me pray before we left. He said there's nothing wrong if a little prayer was given
 (I pray directly to God)

A photo museum

The place has been closed . . . for political reasons.  

We went up the rocks to see this gorgeous view

The surfer dude from Brazil.

Kuya Aleyo did this for my entertainment. He did it twice (again!) because I was not able to get the first one (again!)

Spain went for it too!!!

Boys will be boys!!!!
Philippines, Spain and Brazil!!!

ummmm . . . nice rock! it rocks!

This is where the turtles hang out . . . we snorkeled here
but unfortunately, the turtles weren't around. 

That little island over there is a good diving place.

Our last stop . . . The Helicopter Island. Kuya Aleyo said that it has been recently bought by  the Ayala de Zobels.
It has recently been used by Survivor France a few months ago. I think this is where they stayed.

It took me several times to make this. The waves kept washing it.

The waves here were very strong . . . and it gets deep. 

I just enjoyed the powdery sand. I love it here.

AMAZING! The tour, the people . . . the experience . . . and the word Spain and Brazil keeps saying!

I can't wait to go back again!!!

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Spelunking at Sumaging Cave

Sightseeing was the only activity I was thinking when we planned to go to Sagada. I wasn't into caves as I feel like there's not much to see inside. Then for some reason, the locals and our guide, Kuya Sotero was able to convince us to go to the caves. 

Spelunking. I thought it was a gay word for falling flat on your face while you're exploring the cave. Now, I know!  

To Sumaging Cave
I took this photo not because of the cave sign but the sign below it :)
I think it means "throw your thrash" in their dialect (not sure but it has something to do with thrash)

A welcome message at the entrance and some friendly reminders to everyone

Cave entrance

One of our SaGGAs guides, Marky giving us introduction and briefing us on what to do inside.
There are 3 stages.
Stage 1: Going down where it will be slippery because of bat poops
(Oh, I have a very memorable experience here)
Stage 2: Amazing rock formations
Stage 3: You will be asked if you want to continue because more challenges awaits you.

Our guide making us guess on rock formations

It's not too dark after all.

The weakest, I am so there you'll see one of our SaGGAs guides, Kuya Sotero  helping me and also I had the wrong footwear waaahhhh

At a woman's . . . you'll find out from your guide ;P

The women with the preggy woman

RAWR!!! Were you able to guess???

Awwww . . . . the little prince ;P

Only the two of us had a photo with this because we were December celebrants.
Don't expect me to tell all about the rock formations . . . you should hear it from your guides ;P

When you go inside this hole it is  bound to __________ ;P

I thought he just wanted to hang around. Only to find out he has a purpose for being there.
He may look weak and lanky but he's strong

Marky was our ladder going down. He also has a lot of funny shots.

It's SHOWTIME!!! Find out what's behind us and what's behind that's behind us. ;P

Of course, guides would always have their jokes. I'm a person who laughs easily so whatever the joke here  was,  it definitely was too funny for me and DJ but not for the rest. 

Ha ha ha too tired and decided to take a nap at the _____________
Again, I won't spoil everything for those who has not been there.

This is Stage 3

We became a little serious on this stage ha ha ha
You would hear us telling each other "Ginusto nyo ito eh" ha ha ha

We had to cross the waters . . . it was brrrrr but if you feel it getting warm . . . you know what it is ;P

Hey, I didn't know there was a camera ( I was too focused)  and you see me smiling so it means  I was  having fun.


Not sure what this was. I forgot. The King???

I love this part. I thought it was hard but this was the easiest part for me.

You'll pass by this rock formation twice. This is one of the only two formations I was able to guess out of a lot he he he 

Passing by Stage 1 again where there are bat poops. Woot!!!

We were suppose to go there and Marky gave  me the lamp to lead but we were so tired.
Maybe next time.

It was a FUN adventure. I'm glad we did this.
A photo with our guide Marky and the guide behind the camera, Kuya Sotero  both from SaGGAs.

No way but UP!!!

This is right across the entrance to Sumaging Cave where you can buy souvenirs, eat, drink and shower.

We did this activity for around 2 hours and a half and it was one FUN activity!

****some photos are courtesy of Roberto Chando and DJ Villanueva