Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Getting to-around-from Sagada

Travelers/Tourists may be one in destination but what makes it different is the journey on how to get there. Here's my story on how I got in, around and out of Sagada.  

We were suppose to take another bus company but when my friend saw the bus, she had her doubts if we would be comfortable and would actually reach Bontoc, Mountain Province. So she looked for other options and we found Ohayami Bus bound to Banaue, Ifugao. Parked at Corner J. Fajardo, A.H. Lacson, Sampaloc, we left at 10 in the evening . Our first stop was in San Miguel, Bulacan then we had several stops in Nueva Ecija and Viscaya. Our bus had a problem around 3am but was fixed in less than 30 minutes. 

Manila to Banaue is PhP450 (rates as of Nov 26, 2012)
Time travel = 10 hours
For more info on Ohayami

I was lucky to have the front seat right behind the driver. Spacious and comfortable. The bus was just . . . too pink!

We had our feet up while sleeping to show how comfortable I was.

Front row all asleep comfortably which I cannot say for the second row ;P

From Banaue, we were suppose to take the jeepney going to Bontoc which was PhP120 but because of some incidents (which I won't blog about it) but I will send a PM to you if you ask. Just be alert and make sure you are not easily distracted. If you have an itinerary and you are right on time, do not be distracted. We however, made a decision because we just woke up and got excited we were in Banaue, Ifugao. (Don't worry, nothing too scary. I just want happiness and positivity)

The next jeepney trip was at 12pm or 1pm and we finished breakfast at 9am. We decided to rent a van sharing it with two other people who was going to Sagada too. First offer to us was PhP3500 but we had it down to PhP2700 because it was too costly for us as we were only 5 heads. Total travel hours from Banaue to Sagada was 3 hours.

Should you need a van to go from Banaue to Sagada, contact this number 09103465310.

The ride was comfortable and Kuya Joey, our driver would stop at viewpoints.

The roads via Banaue to Sagada is a bit scary. Most of the roads are still under construction.

We had to wait for just 2 minutes because the roads are narrow and DILG is working. 

Foggy. Clouds are way too low. Drivers must be familiar with the road. Zero visibility.

Narrow-landslide prone road.

The advantage of hiring a van is you get to stop at viewpoints. . . .
. . . . viewpoints which we wish we could see hahaha too foggy

. . . lots of photo shoots along the way . . . which you won't be able to do when  you're in  a public jeepney

We passed by a group who had a flat tire.
They looked happy and so we did not bother to offer . . . he he he

The map

Going up to Sagada, our back door opened and the spare tire fell. Poor Kuya Joey.

In Sagada, you have two options in getting to the tourist spots. You either rent a jeepney/van or walk.

We rented a jeepney and yes, you can sit inside the jeepney =)

I have been wanting to try this so I sat at the top of the jeepney when we went to town.

At first, it was just me at the top, then these two korean teachers hitched and joined me . Then our two other friends.

The man wearing a cap is Kuya Richard, our jeepney driver. Not sure if I can put his number here but if you're interested I can  send it through PM

Lots of walking. Make sure you have the right footwear. I did not have one.
Taken after going to Bokong Falls, But I had super FUN.

On our way back to Manila, we took GL Trans going to Baguio. They have schedules so make sure you make it.
PhP220 and travel hours is 6 hours

Roads are nicer but still narrow.

There are parts under construction.

Too narrow. So our speed was just average

Our bus driver was nice enough to give us 10minutes for picture taking here
Google locator



This is a super nice adventure! Let's do a long travel in a bus! I haven't experienced that. :D - Apple C.

Let's plan. I want to take the train going to Bicol.

Yup! Yup! Train muna! :D - Apple C.

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