Saturday, December 10, 2011

Food in HongKong and Macau

We said that we will not eat at McDonald's and would try the food in HK and Macau. Guess what? Our first dinner in HK was at McDonald's. It was the most accessible food chain. Too exhausted from the day that we had from walking because we got lost too . . . we decided to go for the most convenient and most familiar.  

We did better however the following days and made sure we stick to the plan. The food was great. Just try not to convert everything into pesos. 
Actually, we are always hungry and sometimes just grab the food we see.  

At the Mui Wo Ferry Station . . .eating my first "siu-mai" which I learned that they have no beef or pork siomai  as served in the Philippines but they serve fish siu-mai which was really good

The staff at the Silver Beach Snack worked really fast but they were all game for picture taking

My friend enjoying his first noodles as breakfast. It was his birthday.

Hungry again, as soon as we got to the Venetian in Macau, we went to the hotdog stand
The menu

Highly recommended . . . The Taiwan Black Pepper Sausage for MOP10 (you can pay in HK$) . . . sooo gooood

At Senado Square, we ordered Portuguese Egg Tart

I swear . . . sooooo gooood 

Don't mind their faces . . . it's their poker faces

Tea Plus in San Ma Lo . . . this is where the Boys Over Flower did a shoot. 
Shabu-shabu on the street

They had free taste of the jerkies. So good again.

We got back from Macau to HK pretty late and Shun Tak mall was about to close.
Good thing this restaurant was still open

Shocked. We couldn't understand the menu, Good thing they had the tourist's menu.

My order . . . again . . . soooo gooood . . . breaded pork with a delicious creamy sauce . . . the noodles are to die for

In Tung Chung, we had brunch before going to Disneyland

Since this was a birthday treat trip for the four of us, we bought mini cakes.
We were not allowed to take pictures of this but it was already too late before they told us.

I went for Pad Thai and chocolate mousse. I was not able to finish it as it was a big serving.

Mickey Mouse pancake. Did not buy.Food inside Disneyland is a bit pricey.

My friends were excited to try this as we have this also in the Philippines.

Ordering her milk tea

A quick snack in Ngong Ping . . . sausage and siu-mai . . . yum . . . happy tummy

Dragon Air, sister company of Cathay Pacific announced our flight was delayed but gave us  $75 coupon for food

No this was not our order. The waiter made a mistake and placed it on our table.
But that noodle soup there was similar to what I ordered.

The noodles were so good. You can see them making it from where we ate.

Our dinner in Dragon Air. Free flowing coffee and tea.



yummy! now im craving! sayang lang di pa ako fan ng chinese food when I went to HK, very limited lang tuloy ang natikman ko. well then, i think i must go back! =)

Chyng, so sarap to eat there. it's not your usual dish except for Pad thai that I had. Go back! and say no to McDo ha hahahaha

Drooling on your photos! The Mickey Mouse pancake looks sooo cute, my daughter would be happy to try that. We haven't been to Disneyland so we'll look for this pancake. Haha.

Oooh PInay, you're daughter would be happy just to be inside Disneyland hahahaha I was happy!ahahahha Go na!!!

When were you in HK? We may have been there the same time. Can't wait to go back for more Hong Kong food.

We were there November 11 - 14. When did you go? Did you take Chloe with you?

We were there November 22 for about an hour, then overnight November 25th. And yes she was with us.....long story haha. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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