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Bolinao is one of the municipalities of Pangasinan province. Its coast is facing the north of China Sea. It is 274km away from Manila via Tarlac and can be reached at maximum of 7 hours. I went here to spend my first team building/outing with my former team/staff. 

Our destination
Since we were more than 30 heads, we rented a private bus.
When we got there, the staff greeted us with beautiful smiles and gave us this hand-made necklace.
We also had our welcome drink, Lemograss drink.

Everyone had a necklace. Beautiful souvenir.

Swimming pool.

Cottage  near the pool.

It was low tide when we got there.

A couple of meters away and still the water was knee deep.

Set-up for team building.

No, they are not planking or protesting. We played Human Spelling at 2:00PM. (ouch)

The sand was really fine and nice to lie on to.

A floating raft.

It was around 4PM and still low tide.

The boys played Frisbee.

Beautiful sunset and look how far those people are and still isn't deep.

Nice place for couples.

The cottages.

The following morning, it was still low tide. It was very calm. We found out it was always like this.

So many turtles in the resort. 

The resort's restaurant

The food was pretty decent. It was the only place we can eat at. The place was a bit far from town.

We got disappointed with the beach at Puerto Del Sol so we decided to go to Patar Beach which was like 
15 - 20minutes bus ride and we were so happy we went. Patar is 19km from the town proper.

The sand was fine and the water was clear and clean. The water temperature was just right. 

My staff. They did not want to look at me as this does not have any talent fee  ;P

The team I handled. Though not everyone was present.

We made some stops to tourist destinations. 
Photos courtesy of Vanessa Manalo

The Cape Bolinao Lighthouse 
Found in Barangay Patar

It is second to the tallest lighthouse in the country at 351ft. above sea level.

The Enchanted Cave
Still found in Patar. Water was cold but a bit dark inside.



wow awesome photos! looks amazing!

Wow! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. :D Patar Beach looks great in pictures, what more in person. Hope I can go there one of these days. Too bad though we did not avail of Bolinao deals in the Travel Mart we attended in the past.

Btw, followed you from Girltalk. Take care! :)

I want to visit this place! :D - Apple C.

hI Ann,
Nice Place and Nice pictures. By the way, I am planning for our 2012 outing for my group and after seeing your blog, I am considering this place. Hope yopu don't mind but how do you rate the place? Also, hope you can share how much was your budget for this outing? thanks Ann

Jun Simon -

Hi Jun. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have sent you an email :)

me too how much is the budget for this? any contact person? thanks

gusto ko dito pumunta... ayos...

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