Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Baker's Hill in Palawan

As part of the City tour in Puerto Princesa, we went to Baker's Hill which is nearby Mitra's Ranch. I thought it is just a place where you can buy pasalubong (souvenir or a local food from a certain place visited). The place though was pretty interesting as you would wonder what the concept of the place is. It was like a mini theme park with characters that don't really blend. They have a nice garden with good landscapes. Everywhere you'll turn, there's always food so this is a place you won't get hungry,

With Mr. Baker. So hard to wink on the right eye.

The products they offer.

With Marilyn Monroe. Behind us they said is the house of the owner.

Mini botanical garden

Not very good on hiding my hands he he he

We were here October 2011 so I'm not sure if this is a promo. Better call/inquire first  if you want to avail this.

Palawan is really clean


This is like a carinderia type where you can buy I guess short orders

Pizza place .. . hmmm . . . no, I don't know who those guys are...

The dwarfs are complete

I bought these. Not really a hopia fan so I can't say that this is the best but good enough to try. 



Will definitely stop by Baker's Hill once I get to visit Palawan :)

Craving for that ube hopia! yum!

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