Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Disneyland Resort, Hongkong

I remember when I was 8 years old, my mom said that I have to go to London, U.K. with my older brother  for a vacation. I did not want to go without her. She then said the magic word "You'll see Disneyland there" I saw the Palace and lots of castles but no sign of Mickey Mouse. My goal in life then was to be able to visit Disneyland before I die.

WARNING: Photo overload. Too many to share but I picked the ones 
I really really liked.

OUR MISSION: To go to Disneyland as a birthday gift to ourselves and have a grand time!


Only one MTR station away from Tung Chung to Sunny Bay

From Sunny Bay, we waited for the Disney Train

Freaked out like kids when we saw the Disney Train.

Inside the train. We couldn't remove the smile off our faces . . . oh except for our guy friend with his poker face but deep inside he is rejoicing..

Finally!!!! Can you hear the music???
"I can show you the world, Shining shimmering splendid . . . "

My Disney Ticket

My Mickey!!!

More Mickey!!!

Before you go in, you have to take the guide and map so you won't get lost. I grabbed one and never opened it. Souvenir!

A message before entering

The start of our tour and this was the last picture we had around that time because a few minutes after . . . we lost each other.

It was only Pluto that we were able to have a photo with and this was the  last I saw my friend that afternoon because I lost him afterwards from the crowd.

The first parade at Main street

Notice how Minnie is more of a Mickey here :P


The marching band!

hmmmm . . . The Ball???

The Disney Princess'

Lilo N Stitch

Buzz Lightyear

In less than an hour, we lost each other and enjoyed Disneyland on our own.

More Mickeys at the Souvenir shop

The only place you can see all of 'em . . . inside the Souvenir shop

Awwww . . . where's my Mickey?!

First show I watched

With my 3D glasses

I based my decisions on where my feet will lead me

Poser. The food inside Disneyland was pricey.

How about Lost People? I wish to see my friends.
Off to Adventureland

In order to go to Tarzan's Tree House, I have to go on that motorized raft.

Tarzan and Jane sitting on a tree . . . 

The inventions

Hahaha you should be sober!

Baby Tarzan and his crib. You would hear him with his baby shout . It was cute at first but  it got  annoying later on

Our Amazon ride

No car parks . . . just strollers

Since I don't have my friends with me, this will do =)

. . . and another friend

How come I can't see my friends if it's a small world . . . 

Yes, they will spit water at you. They are as cunning as they look.

I wanted a photo with Tinkerbell but the line was sooo looong

Fathers spending time with their kids . . . I love this!

Disneyland is for all ages

Well . . . not all kids are having fun. This one looked bored.

A baby having fun

Our group picture! I saw them around 7 in the evening out of nowhere hahahaha

Me and my Disneyland

Going out of Disneyland . . . and look . . . my favorite....FULL MOON
What a way to end the night!

My panoramic shot using my Galaxy phone

You're welcome Mickey. I'll see you again.

Train station. Waiting for the Disney Train to bring us to Sunny Bay

Waiting for our ride

Tired but HAPPY FEET

My Disneyland . . . a dream come true.

Sharing a video of my whole new world in Disneyland.....