Monday, October 3, 2011

Star Struck in Bohol

Who said it was all about the Chocolate Hills and Tarsiers in Bohol?
 I was surprise to see a lot of stars when I visited again one of my favorite places in the Philippines ------Bohol. What's so amazing was that there were different kinds and colors that I saw and you can say I got "star struck" ha ha

Here's what I learned about them and the next time you see one, observe more on the little guy. It's not just a cute little thing that you could bring home and stick it up on your wall. It's a living creature so enjoy them where you found them:

Marine Scientist are considering to change the name to Sea Star as a lot are mistaken it to be a fish because of the given name.
Echinoderm is what they are and they are related to sea urchins.
The 5-arm is the most common but did you know that they are species with 10, 20, 40 arms? Hmmm...I'd love to see that.
They are pure marine animals and will not survive on fresh water.
They can regenerate even to the smallest limb. How cool is that? Though it takes like a year for it to grow.This is already scientifically proven so please don't try to hurt them just to prove this point. It's still a living animal
No brains and no blood.
Their nervous system is spread out through their arms.
Their life span is up to 35 years.
They have no front or back. They can move in any directions.
They are not helpless creatures and does not wait for the waves or people to move them around. They have lots of tiny tube feet.
They prey on muscles, clams, snails and small fishes.
They have eyes on each end of the arm. It doesn't see much but can detect light and dark.
There are about 2,000 species of them.

Blue Starfish in Balicasag  Island

I placed the starfish back in the waters but the waves brought it back on shore with my slipper

Captain Boatman got two starfish for us

Red Starfish

Brown and Red Starfish

Purple Starfish

Purple Starfish

Brown Starfish at Virgin Island




stumbled on your blog from PeX. following you! hope you could follow me too :)

Thanks to PeX. I would love to visit Bohol soon. You did a great blog! ^_^

Thanks Jane! Do visit Bohol. One of my top three places that I love in the Philippines.

I like the red starfish! - Apple C.

Apple, we had to look for that because one of my travel buddies requested for a red one =)

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