Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sky Experience Adventure in Cebu City

I love heights.  .  .  .  .  .which makes me love ziplines or any activities that may include heights. When I was told we were going to Cebu, there was no way that I would miss the Sky experience adventure at the Crown Regency Hotel and Towers. At first I was going with friends but all of a sudden, they decided not to because of financial issues as it is a bit pricey. So I walked myself to the hotel alone and got two tickets for an amount of PhP750 with a coaster souvenir. A pass for the edge coaster and one for the sky walk. It was a bit weird being alone as I've seen photos of  groups doing this. Good thing, I met a lady and her mom at the counter and they heard I was alone and so they invited me to go with them. Tickets are available at the 19th floor.

Behind me is Cebu City

 Our adventure started at the 37th floor where the Edge Coaster is. They say that the ride takes 4 minutes to go around the outer rim but I felt like it was shorter. It can take two at a time and you can control it if you want to enjoy the ride on a flat surface or you can tilt it to whatever level you want. I did maximum tilt all throughout. It will go around the hotel and saw Cebu. It was beautiful seeing the city at night. Relaxing for me but I guess not for many. 

Edge Coaster

Getting started

The photographer

Maximum Tilt all the way

We then went down to the 36th floor for the Sky Walk. We were given a locker to leave our things and shoes. They provided us a suit and shoes. You need to have socks here and if you don't have one, you can buy it for just 20 pesos. The Sky walk was around 15 minutes. We were with another group but our guide Dindo favored the other group as he talked to them more (favoritism! he he he) They had the senior citizen so I guess they needed comforting as we could handle ourselves. Cameras are not allowed inside as they have an official photographer but if you have someone outside, they can take a photo from inside the hotel. It was fun walking but we had to stay close to each other as there are only two guides. One taking the photo and the other one blabbing things about Cebu and how there was one who fell already. You have to be careful and follow instructions as it can be very windy up there. If you're tiny, it can knock you down.  They also made us sit down and just enjoyed the view. 

with my Sky Walk buddy...Mel

Shot from the inside

Shot from inside the hotel

from the monitor hee hee

from the monitor hee hee

PhP230 per PICTURE. CRAZYYYYYY!!!! but beautiful view!!!

We were not allowed to have a picture here with our suits on but we sneaked while the guide was not looking

With my certificate

They had zipline too but it was too short and it didn't look like it was too exciting even if you were hanging upside down. Overall the experience was really nice. Again, I found it very relaxing. Smiles all the way till the end except for the part where we were looking at our photos. I loved all my photos. The staff said I should get all because it looked like I really had fun. True. Problem was .  .  .  .  it's PhP230 per picture. They said it used to be all photos in a cd but now it's per picture. No, I did not get the digits wrong. Crazy huh??? CRAZY!!!!!! But it was the only souvenir since cameras are strictly not allowed so I got two pictures. You would notice above that there are photos like it was taken on a screen. Yes, it was taken on a screen. My sky walk buddy was secretly taking photos while we were choosing what we wanted as it flashes on the monitor. 

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The Edge Coaster looks like fun. :)

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