Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sarrat, Ilocos Norte

Part of our Laoag tour was visiting the town of Sarrat where it is known to be the place where the Late President Ferdinand E. Marcos was born. This is also where his daughter, Irene got married at the Sta. Monica Church that is said to be the largest church in the Ilocos region. We visited the Marcos' house which is now a museum and the Sta. Monica Church.

The Marcos Museum

Family portrait

The care taker. Who does he look like???
Former president Fidel V. Ramos who is the cousin of  Ferdinand Marcos

Sta. Monica Parish Church and Convent

Bridgeway to the Ruins

The Parish Museum. It was closed when we got there. But while I was looking around and taking photos, it gave me  shivers. I was imagining the prayles walking around.

Approx. 7km road distance from Laoag City



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