Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bohol offers Sea urchins

I once saw an old man in Mindoro who went in the sea with a bucket and a knife. After an hour, he came out and was already burping. He said he just had his lunch and had sea urchins. I found him weird.

Year 2011,  as we reached Virgin Island, we were greeted by local vendors who shocked us for a minute or so because we haven't even gotten out from our boat and they were already offering us something. Sea Urchins on their trays and on the other hand a spoon with the Sea urchin roes. They were selling it for 20 pesos each. One vendor was even shoving the spoon near my mouth which I found it a bit rude but I don't think he meant to be. He was just persistent. Some of my travel buddies tried it but I didn't just because of sanitary reasons. I don't know how they cleaned those spoons after shoving it to other people's mouth. Then after our island hopping, our boatman took us to a place in the middle of an open sea where we can swim and snorkel. He got us sea urchins too and this time I was confident and excited to eat it. He opened them with a spoon which was a bit hard for him as it would be easier if it was a knife. The roe or gonad is the edible part. It's orange and some are mustard in color. When you take it out from the shell, it looks like poop hehehe Our boatman was all about sanitary which I liked (we might have the same thinking when we were at the Virgin Island) He made us wash our hands first before he gave it to us. Fresh from the sea and no vinegar added, we all had our rounds. I had two rounds =) It has a taste of alige (crab roe) It wasn't bad and it would be something I would eat again. You can now call me weird too.       

Here's a little information on sea urchins you might be interested at:
They are cousins of Starfish or sea star and sand dollars.
It has different names in different regions. “Maritangtang” in the Ilocos Region, “Kuden kuden” in Bolinao and “Tuyom” in the Visayas. "Tujom" is what they call it in Bohol.
Found in shallow waters
They have tube feet which is essential to breathing and feeding. 
They move using their spines.
The name urchin is an old name for the round spiny hedgehogs that sea urchins resemble
The spines can inflict pain when penetrated in human skin but not dangerous
Nutritional facts: low in calories but high in omega 3 fatty acids (play a crucial role in brain function, as well as normal growth and development. May reduce the risk of heart disease)

The Sea Urchins, the knife and the vinegar

Oooohh....see their roes or gonads?

Looks like poop
The roe

There! I ate it! No vinegar added.
Our super nice na boatman. I forgot his name. Darn.

Here's our video eating it

Sources of facts:

Some photos are from Roberto Chando, one of my travel buddies.



fresh from the sea, meaning it was alive until the boatman killed 'em? :P

You have to eat them fresh talaga.....the taste will be different if it has been stored na

brave girl.. hindi ba gumagalaw galaw sa lalamunan mo yan? :P

No, you eat the roe. yung taba nya. parang yung alige...taba ng crab

Girl, thanks for following :)

AWW! Scared of sea urchin cause it's itchy. Sarap ba? Anyway, Bohol has the friendliest people! Would love to go back there for the nth time :)

Tinakits - it was okay. not that bad. I'd go back to Bohol anytime. I love the people in Bohol.Super! Nicest.

I also tried the sea urchin, and I liked it!
If only I had brought extra cash, I would've buy a dozen! :)

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