Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Reef Walking a.k.a Helmet Diving in Boracay

 I have never thought I would do helmet diving as being in deep water freaks me out. When I did this, I did not know how to swim. Well........ guess what? You don't need to know how. My heart was beating three times the normal it should when we were preparing to go inside the water. I was the second brave soul from our group. I wanted to do it right away because fear might eat me alive. I tried not to panic because I might forget all the instructions and hand signals. We were assisted by two divers where one was taking the photos and videos while the other diver was just swimming around making sure everyone was okay. We went down on 15ft on helmets with oxygen on the boat. Though we had to hold on to the helmet which had a bit of a weight but not too heavy as kids can handle it. It was amazing down there where you would see different school of fishes and their amazing colors. The diver will give you bread to feed them. I did not mind the little prickles I felt on my long as they are not sharks (I guess if they were sharks, I would never see my fingers he he he) A group of five can spend 30 minutes down there. I unconsciously stayed there and spent the experience with the second group (I was from the first batch)  I was having so much fun and they let me stay there until I got tired. The price is not bad when you're in a group. It would be around PhP200 - PhP300/each for locals. They offer different rates for foreigners. I would definitely do this again.

Going down

I just have chinky eyes but it's wide open ha ha ha

Fish was talking to me =)

with the first group

with the second group



wee! super fun. nakakaexcite to see those fishies effortlessly. well konting effort. obvious naman kasi almost all reef diving pics - nakahawak sa helmet na mabigat! =)

Thanks Chyng for the comment. I saw in one of the blogs na meron dun di sila nakahawak. Hmmm...makuha nga name nun para ma try yun :)

Hi! Who can we contact for the helmet diving? Is there a website? Thank you!!

Anonymous - sorry I don't have the number of our contact but when you get to Boracay....there are so many agents who will offer you that service. Just a tip....don't grab the first offer. Make sure you haggle, make sure you ask two or three more agents as you can get lower rates. Also, make sure you ask for all the fees/charges on top of the rates they give as they have so many hidden charges there and may not tell you right away. Have fun!!!

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What if there's shark or Stingray or Jellyfish

I don't think there are stingrays around and if there are jellyfish attacks, the locals wouldn't rish their tourists to them :) Try it!!! It's fun! Though the second time I did it wasn't fun anymore because I went for a different group and their facilities suck big time

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